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Sunday, November 01, 2015

We love to think about fashionable things. Every day is like a fashion show, remember? We prepare, dress up and think about our work for the day. It's true that every memoir is absolutely worthwhile. For me, we think about beauty and fashion as ubiquitous. It is everywhere.

As I typed the words "Manila Fashion Festival" at the search box of Style Bible, I was thinking about the show. I'm referring to the finale. I'm hoping to familiarize myself with the Spring/Summer 2016 collection that fashion designers offer in the local fashion scene. 

It all started when I saw a status update in Pablo Cabahug's Facebook account about the latest Manila Fashion Festival and I was happy to grab a chance to register for the final show. Fashion is all about persistence - and since I'm a style lover, it's expected that I did everything to get a seat in the show.

In time for the final show last Sunday, I got in the venue where the runway was created to highlight the festival. Since I attended the event to support my favorite designer, Pablo Cabahug, I was ready to get in tune with the creative presentation of his collection.

The guests applauded for the modern Filipina concept of Pablo Cabahug who created an amazing collection using piƱa and other appropriate materials. We were taken back to the 1920s where people wear terno, which is from a Spanish term for "matching," and considered a type of Philippine traditional dress for women that is worn on formal occasions. Personally, I was impressed with the pieces that he created for fashion lovers in the industry. The wearable pieces are exceptional and well-designed knowing that it was created with retro and modern concepts in mind. Think about the marriage of vintage and modern - the result is totally superb!

Every item is considered unique and incredible. I'm obsessed with the bias-cut maxi dress presented in artistic layers that perfectly accentuate the model's toned figure. The shorts are impressive since all you need to wear to make it stand out is a statement top that has massive sleeves. Obviously, the effect is fantastic.

If you're in the mood to wear culottes, don't fret. Pablo Cabahug has shown us a clothing ensemble that you'll surely love by having a delicate tube top teamed with chic culottes. 

Aside from that, Pablo Cabahug perfectly created timeless pieces. I'm also enamored with the way he matched a flowing criss-cross top and a pair of massive pants that resembled a palazzo. It was one of the best items that he presented at the event.since it's world class.

I have my own favorite, though. Of all the pieces that he presented, I highly recommend the stunning modern Filipina look - which is the dress over trousers style. The design is inspiring because it has both fashion and innovation.

If you want to learn more about the pieces that Pablo Cabahug recently created, you can drop by Style Bible and view the entire collection via Facebook



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