Eight Ways to Live a Happier Life

Do you watch videos posted on Facebook? I'm one of those who watch short videos found on Facebook during my free time. Recently, my favorite topic is about pets.

Recently, I got a chance to watch an amazing video about God's mysterious ways. Guess what? Mr. Bean is the one who delivered a wonderful talk as shown in the video. It was amazing because it's all about the things to do when life becomes challenging.

That's my inspiration for this blog post.

Here are eight ways to live a happier life. I hope you'll be inspired with these tips.

1. Delay anger.

We know that anger is a very strong emotion. It is one of the causes of shattered relationships in this world. Why do we have to delay our feelings of being angry? It's simple. We want to take control of the situation and not the other way around.

Many people suggest that it's better to count from one to ten than to think about revenge or retaliation. It will help us become more forgiving and calm. Have you tried this technique?

2. Be friendly.

You're aware that being friendly is very essential nowadays. It's wise to be connected with other people than to isolate yourself. You'll miss a lot of opportunities in doing so.

Try to practice talking to people - smile at them, greet and be polite. There's a warning though, be aware of every situation. Be wise in dealing with people. Girl! We cannot please everybody, right?

3. Learn to ignore haters.

If you have come across of the saying that, "Haters gonna hate," you'll agree with me that it's better to ignore anyone who loves to hurl negative comments. That's it!

By ignoring every mean girl, you're giving yourself a break from stressful moments in life. Let them realize that they're always at the disadvantaged position because of their nasty way of showing insecurities.

4. Avoid getting into debts.

One of my friends posted a funny anecdote on Facebook. Since it was posted during Halloween, she was right when she said that, "I felt the real meaning of this season when one of the ladies who owed money from me took cover when she saw that I'm approaching," and we know that she really meant it.

Women who knew the best ways to be financially independent are obviously so wise nowadays. They're prepared to rule the world since they're poised to do everything they love to do. After all, there's so much power if you're able to pursue something that you really like without having to think about limitations of money and other resources.

Image | Jules
There are tons of ways to avoid getting into debt. Don't own a credit card. Never take out loans. Have a savings account. Pay bills on time. Be sure to research about something you want to buy before hitting the mall for shopping. You'll need to compare prices and choose to have value for what you're going to pay later.

5. Have a daily plan.

It isn't good to miss out something important in your life. Don't forget to have a concrete plan for the important things that you need to do to avoid regrets. To do this, it's essential to have a weekly planning activity. Simply put, learn to prioritize things.

Aside from that, it is also necessary to avoid procrastination. By having a reliable goal-setting and planning activity, you'll be able to sort out what's important or not. Stay focused and relax.

6. Take time to unwind.

We know that we have a lot of things to accomplish these days. However, we shouldn't forget to unwind once in a while. What are the usual things you do to relax after work?

7. Be generous.

I've met a lot of people who are so generous. By being generous, I've shown my gratefulness for what they've given me when I have nothing.

8. Love your family. 

One of our church leaders mentioned that a gospel-centered home is a safe harbor from the storms of the adversary. Do you agree? The calmness of our souls, the purity of feelings and the compassion of our hearts are the results of the moments we remember Him and follow His example.

Do you have other tips to live a happier life? Let's talk about it in the comments section. By the way, don't forget to share this post.