Men in Plaid

The night is young and everyone is in the mood to enjoy a "theme day." Since it's time to sashay plaid attire, I got a chance to observe everyone.

Every employee chose their own way of wearing plaid in style. Someone wore an amazing ensemble, a pair of denim pants and a white shirt. She finished it off with a picnic plaid, booties and trendy makeup. A guy caught my attention because he preferred a neat look - blue jeans teamed with a light blue shirt and plaid polo shirt.

Men in Plaid - Kseth, RJ, Phil, Vino, Nikko and Paolo

However, I was really amused because my friends from Picadilly Star embraced the theme day with enthusiasm as well. They're the "men in plaid" at that time.

If you're going to wear plaid, how will you style it? Let me know in the comments section.

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