Celebrating Life With Ymarie and Our Friends

It's five thirty in the afternoon and I'm still trying to figure out the best way to organize an intimate gathering for my friends. We've been planning to have a party for our friend's birthday celebration this year. Time flies so fast that I haven't realize the things that I need to prioritize - preparing for eternity and making life worthwhile.

Twilight is beginning to appear. Now, I'm preparing to buy food items and drinks for the party. They've been dreaming of a simple celebration. I'm more concerned of making it bigger than we used to do in the office. Maybe, something different.

Jules, Mommy Reggie, Ymarie and Karence
I'd like to celebrate the things that happened to us these days - good or bad. Knowing that one of my friends, Arbi, just experienced a heartbreaking turn of her life - which is breaking up with her boyfriend, we really have to be strong for her.

I don't think I'm the right person to talk about this topic because I'm not in the mood to bask in the light of love nowadays. I've been broken. I aspire to love myself first. I don't see anyone within my circle to share life with me. I'm free. Yet, I have to speak up for my friend.

If you're in love, heart-broken and still fighting for eternity, move forward. One day, you'll realize that the important dream that you've been chasing for days will resurface unexpectedly.

Let's say you've decided to move on and started to forget your past a few minutes ago. You're struggling to survive every minute of your life. The pain is killing you, making you weak and overpowering your reasons. Then, you've reached the point of seeing freedom in the horizon. It's calling you. Take it with all your heart.

Now, here's the best part. You've totally moved on. Will you still love the person one year from now? Will you still mention his or her name the way you did before? Will you? These questions are unnecessary today because you're still nursing a broken heart. Things will fall into the right places afters days or months of "finding yourself again." Have patience. Believe in the magic of true love.

By the time I finished thinking about this, I've already prepared everything for the party. Life isn't fair, but God is. Why do we have to be afraid searching for the truth?

It was a wonderful evening with my friends, although it wasn't totally perfect since Arbi isn't around to be with us.

Belated Happy Birthday, Ymarie! We love you.