How To Be A Street Style Savant

Do you want to be a style savant? Do you have a passion for fashion? It's not easy to be a fashion lover. It takes a lot of responsibility to be one.

Even though there are a lot of challenges to be stylish all the time, there are many reasons to be knowledgeable about fashion.  It's an essential factor to stay in the spotlight at work, in school and even in matters of dating. It helps you to become successful in life.

These days, street style is one of the most popular trends in the industry. Many people want to know how to be a street style savant nowadays.

We're more than thrilled to share amazing tips to stay updated as a street style lover. Here we go!

1. Build your wardrobe properly. Plan ahead.

I'm talking about building your wardrobe from scratch. Starting from the basics of styling up to the most opulent fashion pieces, collect the best products that you need all year round. In that case, you need to plan ahead.

Karence and her fellow fashion lover, Jit.
Now that the upcoming holidays promise amazing deals to shoppers, list the items that you need to buy such as a little black dress, a pair of black trousers, white and black undershirts, blue jeans, skinny jeans, blouses, dresses and classy jackets. These are basic items that you'll need all year round.

You'll need to shop for accessories, too. Include a pair of black Chelsea boots, a pair of flat shoes in neutral color, handbags and a pair of heeled sandals. Once you have these items in your closet, it won't be hard to add up more products once you have additional cash for a shopping spree after the holidays.

By the way, you can clean your closet before doing this one. Look for items that you no longer need and donate it. Maybe, you can organize a garage sale in the neighborhood. Simply put, give room for new things.

2. Be inspired all the time. Stay interested.

Have you noticed the popular apps, websites and flyers about fashion lately? You can be inspired with these ideas that many people shared for all of us these days.

For example, you can save photos of your favorite stylish ladies. Categorize it. Check popular websites such as Lookbook, Refinery 29 and Daily Mail. With these platforms, you'll get tons of ideas from talented fashion lovers from around the world.

3. Learn to be a budget-savvy fashionista.

We know that shopping is an expensive activity. However, we still love to do it. Purchase basic wardrobe items during holidays to get discounts and take advantage of awesome deals. Aside from that, visit thrift stores once in a while.

Personally, I save money every payout just for shopping. Since I already have a list of the things that I really need, I have the freedom to choose the items offered by different stores and compare the prices. In that way, I can maximize the shopping experience and avoid disrupting my cash flow.

Obviously, the three tips we've shared here are easy to follow. All you have to do is to have proper planning before building your wardrobe.

Don't forget that there are a lot of ways to style basic fashion pieces for street style display these days. Be inspired!