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Men in Plaid

The night is young and everyone is in the mood to enjoy a "theme day." Since it's time to sashay plaid attire, I got a chance to observe everyone.

Every employee chose their own way of wearing plaid in style. Someone wore an amazing ensemble, a pair of denim pants and a white shirt. She finished it off with a picnic plaid, booties and trendy makeup. A guy caught my attention because he preferred a neat look - blue jeans teamed with a light blue shirt and plaid polo shirt.

Men in Plaid - Kseth, RJ, Phil, Vino, Nikko and Paolo

However, I was really amused because my friends from Picadilly Star embraced the theme day with enthusiasm as well. They're the "men in plaid" at that time.

If you're going to wear plaid, how will you style it? Let me know in the comments section.

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How To Be A Street Style Savant

Do you want to be a style savant? Do you have a passion for fashion? It's not easy to be a fashion lover. It takes a lot of responsibility to be one.

Even though there are a lot of challenges to be stylish all the time, there are many reasons to be knowledgeable about fashion.  It's an essential factor to stay in the spotlight at work, in school and even in matters of dating. It helps you to become successful in life.

These days, street style is one of the most popular trends in the industry. Many people want to know how to be a street style savant nowadays.

We're more than thrilled to share amazing tips to stay updated as a street style lover. Here we go!

1. Build your wardrobe properly. Plan ahead.

I'm talking about building your wardrobe from scratch. Starting from the basics of styling up to the most opulent fashion pieces, collect the best products that you need all year round. In that case, you need to plan ahead.

Karence and her fellow fashion lover, Jit.
Now that the upcoming holidays promise amazing deals to shoppers, list the items that you need to buy such as a little black dress, a pair of black trousers, white and black undershirts, blue jeans, skinny jeans, blouses, dresses and classy jackets. These are basic items that you'll need all year round.

You'll need to shop for accessories, too. Include a pair of black Chelsea boots, a pair of flat shoes in neutral color, handbags and a pair of heeled sandals. Once you have these items in your closet, it won't be hard to add up more products once you have additional cash for a shopping spree after the holidays.

By the way, you can clean your closet before doing this one. Look for items that you no longer need and donate it. Maybe, you can organize a garage sale in the neighborhood. Simply put, give room for new things.

2. Be inspired all the time. Stay interested.

Have you noticed the popular apps, websites and flyers about fashion lately? You can be inspired with these ideas that many people shared for all of us these days.

For example, you can save photos of your favorite stylish ladies. Categorize it. Check popular websites such as Lookbook, Refinery 29 and Daily Mail. With these platforms, you'll get tons of ideas from talented fashion lovers from around the world.

3. Learn to be a budget-savvy fashionista.

We know that shopping is an expensive activity. However, we still love to do it. Purchase basic wardrobe items during holidays to get discounts and take advantage of awesome deals. Aside from that, visit thrift stores once in a while.

Personally, I save money every payout just for shopping. Since I already have a list of the things that I really need, I have the freedom to choose the items offered by different stores and compare the prices. In that way, I can maximize the shopping experience and avoid disrupting my cash flow.

Obviously, the three tips we've shared here are easy to follow. All you have to do is to have proper planning before building your wardrobe.

Don't forget that there are a lot of ways to style basic fashion pieces for street style display these days. Be inspired!

When All Is Blue

Thanks to the riding boots! Actually, there's no bluer than blue feeling here. I've decided to combine lighter blue and dark blue to have an awesome unison of colors.

The long sleeve blouse that I bought at Forever 21 two months ago is perfect to match with the skinny blue jeans. The pair of jeans is also from Forever 21. I'm not totally a fun of the brand - but I really like some of their shirts, including the sweaters.

Images | July Juan

To finish off the look, I chose to wear a pair of riding boots that I got lately from my favorite thrift for less than $10. Expensive? Not for me - since I really like the product. It's sleek and comfortable to wear. Finally, I have footwear for the rainy days. 

Celebrating Life With Ymarie and Our Friends

It's five thirty in the afternoon and I'm still trying to figure out the best way to organize an intimate gathering for my friends. We've been planning to have a party for our friend's birthday celebration this year. Time flies so fast that I haven't realize the things that I need to prioritize - preparing for eternity and making life worthwhile.

Twilight is beginning to appear. Now, I'm preparing to buy food items and drinks for the party. They've been dreaming of a simple celebration. I'm more concerned of making it bigger than we used to do in the office. Maybe, something different.

Jules, Mommy Reggie, Ymarie and Karence
I'd like to celebrate the things that happened to us these days - good or bad. Knowing that one of my friends, Arbi, just experienced a heartbreaking turn of her life - which is breaking up with her boyfriend, we really have to be strong for her.

I don't think I'm the right person to talk about this topic because I'm not in the mood to bask in the light of love nowadays. I've been broken. I aspire to love myself first. I don't see anyone within my circle to share life with me. I'm free. Yet, I have to speak up for my friend.

If you're in love, heart-broken and still fighting for eternity, move forward. One day, you'll realize that the important dream that you've been chasing for days will resurface unexpectedly.

Let's say you've decided to move on and started to forget your past a few minutes ago. You're struggling to survive every minute of your life. The pain is killing you, making you weak and overpowering your reasons. Then, you've reached the point of seeing freedom in the horizon. It's calling you. Take it with all your heart.

Now, here's the best part. You've totally moved on. Will you still love the person one year from now? Will you still mention his or her name the way you did before? Will you? These questions are unnecessary today because you're still nursing a broken heart. Things will fall into the right places afters days or months of "finding yourself again." Have patience. Believe in the magic of true love.

By the time I finished thinking about this, I've already prepared everything for the party. Life isn't fair, but God is. Why do we have to be afraid searching for the truth?

It was a wonderful evening with my friends, although it wasn't totally perfect since Arbi isn't around to be with us.

Belated Happy Birthday, Ymarie! We love you.