How To Handle Betrayal

I'm the perfect person to talk about this topic today. I've been betrayed so many times. However, I was able to handle every experience with ease and total gracefulness.

Here are ways to handle betrayal.

1. Learn to be an actor.

Acting is a skill. Everyone can do it. Since we're talking about betrayal, let's consider the one who betrayed you as an enemy. Let's accept the fact that anyone who has bruised us is an enemy.

All you have to do is be firm inside but bend outside. Meaning, act as if you're alright but don't forget that you're hurting inside of you. It's the only way to exist without being trodden by your enemy. While doing this difficult step, try to spot the weaknesses of your opponent. Once you found it, you'll be able to use it someday.

2. Don't be ostentatious.

With one of my allies - Jit

Here, I'm talking about being low-key. Play to be the underdog. In that way, your enemy will not notice your underground movement - your way of spying on the guilty party. This is the best time to downplay your real motive and prepare for that one final strike.

3. Don't be afraid to exist with your enemy.

Sometimes its very daunting to exist with the people who betrayed you. If you cannot escape this scenario, be sure to have allies with you. Enlist people to be your army of supporters. Select those who isn't aware of the situation to be more natural and unnoticeable. Mix them with those who are extremely concerned of your goals.

In that way, you'll have one impenetrable empire that will protect your interests. By the way, don't be a user either. Give back to those who look after your back.

4. Select a fallback position.

If there's a situation that your enemy has discovered your ploy, learn to apply a fallback position. Find a way to divert the attention of your opponent. Do something that you haven't tried before. Eliminate fear right away. Maybe, you can disappear for a while. The setback will disappear soon. So take time to reload your weapons and take a rest for a while.

5. Don't think about revenge, instead choose sweet revenge. This is applicable to those who have found an enemy in the most unexpected way. Try to be fair all the time. Forgive and forget. Be friendly. If all of these things fail - don't fret. It's not your problem anymore. Let karma rule!