How to Chase Moments of Success

One of my close friends took a photo of Bonifacio Global City - somewhere in High Street. The photo of the popular working environment reminds me of my dreams when I was younger - to settle in the metro. Now that I'm here, I have nothing to think about but be grateful of the dream come true. This is just the beginning. I'm still climbing the ladder of success until I can finally say that the lives of the people that I truly love have been blessed because of my hard work.

Lately, I've been thinking about my life experiences. Many people want to know my secret of the way I handle difficulties or problems along the way. It's simple. Although I still have to prove more in this life, I find the following things very effective nowadays. 

Here are the steps that I follow.

1. I try to have a walk everyday, think about my goals, instead of the heartaches. 

2. Then, I think about each problem one by one. Every pain of my heart is being blotted out by telling myself that it's just temporary.

3. I also visualize the things that I really want to happen. 

4. It's not my habit to avoid people with negative thinking, but I see to it that I learn from them. I try to see the way they see things. 

5. I always take risks - as in, all the time. It's one way of checking myself if I still have enough strength, wisdom and grace to be positive in everything that I encounter in this life.

See that beautiful building? That's my beloved SM Aura - the place where I started to move forward
with fierceness, wisdom and total determination. Go figure! :)

6. I prioritize being friendly with other people and show interest in them. Everything I touch will only turn into gold if I have people to rally behind me. Remember, it's up to you to be friendly, kind and just at the same time.

7. I'm workaholic - but I work smart all the time. I line up my priorities in order - from the one with the biggest Return of Investment to the job with the smallest profit. 

8. I'm very particular with having enough sleep. It's one way of staying alert as I chase my dreams. If I can sleep properly, I see to it that I find time to catch up.

9. I talk to different kinds of people - loner, womanizer, rich, boss, beggar, landlord or landlady - and more. Each one of them has something in common - wisdom.

10. I read books - all the time. If I'm inspired of something, I try to find books about it and read important topics related to it. Then, I write ideas in a notebook for my reference. I even watch movies about the things that inspire me.

The list goes on and on but since I still have to chase my dreams at this hour, I'll just share 10 of the ways to chase moments of success. Take care, sweethearts!