Vikings Eat All You Can Restaurant Dining Experience

We know that food is essential to all of us since time immemorial. When it comes to food, we tend to think only of the best based on available resources.

In rare instances, I try to visit eat-all-you-can restaurants because I would like to experience a real feast. If you’re like me, you’ll also invite your friends with you to search for your next amazing dining experiences.

There are many things to consider in planning to eat in an eat all you can restaurant such as budget, transportation and documentation. If you’re budget conscious, take advantage of the deals offered by the popular festive dining places such as birthday treats. For transportation, you can choose to rent a car or a bus from any Manila Bus Rentals Philippines companies if you’re on tour in the metro. No worries, many eat-all-you-can restaurants are huge and can accommodate a lot of guests. All you have to do is make sure that you’ve booked a table for the group.

The Food

Vikings has a lot of choices for those who love to visit eat-all-you-can restaurants. Obviously, I love their Italian dishes. My choices of grilled fish are totally amazing because it’s fresh and succulent. The dessert area – with all the tasty cakes and chocolates – is very attractive.

The Place

We visited Vikings at SM Megamall. It was huge, clean and well-maintained. The people are friendly and they’re able to entertain us with total delight, especially when my friends received cakes and awesome presentation for their birthday celebration.

My Words

I have good things to say about Vikings – remarkable, delectable and affordable. With all the choices of food and drinks, spending at least P700.00 is all worth it. We really enjoyed dining at Vikings. I’ll give my dining experience a rating of 5/5.