What To Wear and Pack for Hiking

These days, hiking is one of the most interesting activities for many people. During vacation, it's one of our choices to spend a day with our loved ones. It's very exciting because it is also a form of exercise with a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature. Aside from that, you'll have an opportunity to enjoy road trip with other participants.

Mostly, organizers of a day hike rent a bus to reach the venue of the event. Luckily, many Manila Bus Rentals Philippines companies offer amazing packages for day trips to popular travel destinations. It makes us easy to organize transportation for hiking events. 

However, it's also necessary to have an awesome preparation for any hiking activity. So what to wear and pack for a day hike? Here are suggestions from those who have done the activity with their family and friends nowadays.

So prepared for a day hike!

What to wear

1. During summer, wear comfortable trousers for hiking. If it's cold season, choose long pants to protect you from cold.

2. You can opt to wear boots and a pair of thin cotton socks that will absorb sweat. It's also highly recommended to wear a thicker pair of hiking socks that you can pull up over your ankles. This is a good way to help guard against snake bites.

3. Another option is to wear a long sleeved top that is tightly woven to protect you against the sun.

4. You can look for fabrics that wick moisture away from your skin. For example, wear clothing made of Merino wool or some items made of silk for comfort and ease in hiking.

What to pack

1. Don't forget to pack food for lunch. Pack the sandwiches, energy drink and some fruits. You can also pack water, a few nuts and chocolates.

2. Bring medicine kit for the day hike. It should be packed with Paracetamol and anti-histamine tablets and plasters (band-aids) and antiseptic/antihistamine cream for small cuts, bites or blisters.

3. Bring your makeup kit. In packing it, include a sun tan lotion, sun glasses, lipstick, tissues and tiny hairbrush.

4. Take a small notepad for scribbling your thoughts, observation and ideas while hiking. It's important for writing your journal after the activity.

5. Pack a lightweight bag and put inside extra shirts, caps and a small umbrella.

6. Bring your wallet, phone and camera, too.

Are you planning for a day hike anytime soon! Enjoy planning the event. Don't forget to read the remarkable experiences shared by our friends online.