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Three Simple Steps To Plan for Solo Travel

We know that solo travel became tremendously popular nowadays. Many people are willing to go solo, especially in checking out favorite tourist spots around the country. Even though we have different reasons to travel alone, we still have to follow similar ways to make it safe and comfortable. Here are three simple ideas to plan for a solo trip.

1. Consider safety as your first priority.

Wherever you go, think about your safety at all times. Although we love the essence of wanderlust, we should be smart enough to stay safe all the time. Choose places that you think are considered peaceful. You can also use your instincts in planning for your solo trip. In booking a hotel accommodation, choose the best deal and the perfect place to enjoy a solo vacation.

In planning for your activities, choose a resort that has amazing amenities for you. For those who love swimming, research about the place that you're going to visit. My favorite place to go for swimming is Watercamp Resort in Cavite. It's very accessible and affordable. Aside from that, transportation is accessible for me.

2. Be smart about planning your transportation.

Remember, be careful in dealing with other people while on the road. Have a strategic way to handle your finances. Avoid dealing with people who have shown suspicious behavior. You'll never know when to bump on scam artists.

To be prepared, book your airplane ride three months in advance to save money. It's cheaper that way. Or try to have a complete package for you. There are travel companies that offer one package for affordable airfare, hotel accommodation and car rental service that will help you save money.

3. Leave an itinerary at home.

After planning for your solo trip, don't forget to leave a copy of your itinerary at home. Maybe, it's exciting to travel alone but it's also necessary to let your family and close friends know where you're going and your plans for the trip. The reason behind this smart move is to ensure safety and comfort that you're not really alone in this exciting activity. It doesn't hurt to have a backup plan, right?

Lastly, don't forget to be confident. It isn't good to travel with fear and uncertainty. If you have prepared for the trip, there's nothing to worry.

Tips on Choosing Hotel Accommodation

The travel industry is getting bigger and bigger everyday. Thanks to the interesting hype showed online. Many people are planning to visit new places since they're inspired with the reviews shared by travelers from across the globe. No wonder tips on choosing hotel accommodation are the usual topics searched by our dashing followers.

Today, let's talk about one of the most interesting parts of traveling that is hotel accommodation. In choosing hotel accommodation, there are several factors to remember in order to avoid problems along the way. Here are a few reminders from our beloved travelers.

1. All Womens Talk shared about choosing your hotel accommodation based on the purpose of your trip. For example, you can choose a hotel with no star rating if you're on a business trip. However, you can choose a room with high star rating if you want to go for a vacation.

2. According to Globo Treks, you can save a lot of money on hotel accommodation if you travel in a group. Since the costs can be divided among the travelers, you can save something for other activities such as swimming, island hopping and camping.

If you're a fan of swimming in a wave pool and you travel in Cavite area, you can try Watercamp Resort in Cavite since it's one way to enjoy your trip.

At the veranda of our rented small hut
in Camiguin. We got this affordable place
since it's located away from the city.
3. Try to search online while researching and planning for your trip. There are tons of hotel booking portals nowadays. All you have to do is to narrow down your search items to get the best results.

For example, use the search terms "local hotels" if you're looking for a small hotel with lots of local charm.

4. Take advantage of special deals for families on vacation, especially if you travel with kids. One of the things that you need to consider is to stay in a place with family-friendly policies. Just have the right balance of amenities, facilities, popularity and rates of the hotel to find the best deal.

5. Money Crashers shared that it's also recommended to bundle your booking items. For instance, you can get a great deal by having a complete package on hotel accommodation, car rental and affordable airfare.

Lastly, don't hesitate to research more about the place that you're going to visit. Ask for suggestions from your friends living in such place and learn more about it to have exact information.

Learning Color Blocking Fashion While On Vacation

Let me share with you something - I've tried to have a two-year vacation without working in an office-based environment. All I can say is that leaving the corporate world in exchange of becoming a freelance writer wasn't easy. But, it was worth it.

I've learned many things while living a simple life in the province. Even though it was hard at first, things became easier later on. It was a good thing that I'm familiar with travel and tours, including saving on car rental services such as those offered by many Philippines car rental companies, I was able to easily roam around the city and get inspiring ideas about fashion.

While on vacation, I was able to research more about fashion and styling. The theories were absolutely useful because I can now relate to the amazing fashion language that most of us use nowadays. Great job! So now, let's talk about color blocking.

Color blocking is one of the most interesting styling techniques. Many women love it because of the display of different colors in one outfit. To make one sharp look, three to four colors are used in one dress.

In color blocking, we need to use accessories in neutral colors to stand out. No need to wear colorful shoes here. Of course, you can wear shoes with color blocking design. However, you have to wear clothes in neutral shades such as light brown, black and gray.

Image | Graphic Shoes by Pierre Hardy

Going back to my travel escapade, I was able to share insights about color blocking to my friends. It became a trend, something that I really treasure these days.

How about you? Do you like color blocking fashion? Let's talk about it in the comments section below.

Travel Outfit Ideas For Every Fashion Lover

These days, it is always necessary to be practical in choosing clothing pieces. When it comes to traveling, being able to pack the things that you need on the road is essential. For those who love to tour around a well-known city through Car Rental Philippines or any transportation arrangement, it is also important to wear the right clothing items.

We've checked the best travel outfit ideas online for you. After all, fashion lovers are always inspired with new ways to shine. Here are 10 useful tips for you.

1. Travel Fashion Girl has given us a lot of ideas lately. So far, my favorite is about wearing a jogger pants when travelling. It's all about comfort, ladies!

2. Popsugar's post about travel styling caught my attention, especially when the topic was all about showcasing an airport chic look. I love the baggy graphic shirt teamed with skinny jeans post. It's totally amazing.

3. Have you heard about Charlize Theron's chic airport outfit lately? She donned a sleeveless shirt, a pair of black trousers and flat sandals. She emphasized her simple attire with a must-have piece - a light-hued slouchy knit sweater.

4. Refinery 29 has always the best tips for travel outfits. If you're looking for unique ideas, learn the non-cliche vacation outfits for your next getaway. For example, you can swap your skinny jeans with breathable culottes at the beach.

5. For those who love to dress up while on the road, don't worry. Let's take a cue from Olivia Palermo. Two years ago, Who What Wear showcased her awesome airport look when she donned a coordinated outfit - with chic accessories - while in the airport.

Have you tried any of these items? I've tried wearing clothing pieces that are easy to pack, especially those that are not heavy and in dark colors.

Cozy Winter Jackets

We know that it is important to be prepared for winter days. In terms of styling every season, preparation is key. May it be winter or rainy days, we need to stock up on our favorite cold weather clothing pieces for comfort and safety.

There are many reasons we should be prepared for winter or rainy season. It's for our comfort and health. Since we want to be comfortable during cold season, we should wear cozy winter clothes. Luckily, gerbings at cozywinters.com are available online since we really prefer heated clothing nowadays.

Our goal to enjoy cold season is also a priority these days. If we prefer to wear heated clothing, it's like making sure that we won't feel cold during winter. We must buy the best heated clothing items such as jackets, vests and gloves.

Don't forget to choose products that have remarkable design and attractive colors. It's one way to have fun!

Featuring Essence Colour and Go Nail Polish in Purple

I've been collecting nail polish products these days. Every week, I used to have different shades in my collection box to make sure that I have something to use every time I color my nails.

Since purple is one of my favorite colors, I opted for an Essence Colour and Go nail polish. It's lighter than purple but I love its right mix and consistency. It has quick drying feature so I love using it once in a while.

The packaging is amazing because I have nail polish products with the usual design of the container bottle. For me, the packaging is so pretty and unique.

Bruce Willis Shows Off Casual Look

We love Bruce Willis because of how he played his amazing characters in different films. Since the veteran actor has over 100 credits to his name, he has legions of fans from across the globe. These days, he's busy filming a new movie with other popular actors in the industry.

Earlier today, Bruce Willis was spotted  filming a new movie in Venice Beach, California.  He donned a baggy indigo-washed jeans and a navy blue T-shirt. He completed the casual look by wearing a a white fedora and a pair of  Asics sneakers.

Image | Bruce Willis Casual Look

The 43-year-old star is busy filming on the beach and on the streets of the Venice neighborhood. Even though there is no title yet for the film, the fans of the popular actor are excited for his new project. 

For the Love of Purple

Many fashion lovers wear purple for a change or at least to embrace changes in style. It's a dark color, more electrifying than lavender, but I really love the vibe in it, especially if it's mixed with black.

I'm sure that you will like the outfit because of the black heeled shoes and the combination of the colors. So I focused on the hairstyle and the makeup - so simple yet motivating.

Why do I have to use products that I really like these days? It's because I want to achieve a fresher look and combine it with the purple vibe of the attire. Aside from that, I really love purple. Isn't it obvious?

Kendall Jenner and her Gothic Look at Atelier Versace Show in Paris

We know that Kendall Jenner is very popular in the world of modelling. She has showed her modeling skills in many runway shows since she started the fashion-related job. No wonder she has accumulated legions of fans from around the world.

Earlier today, the 19-year-old model stole the show at the latest Atelier Versace runway show in Paris by wearing an appealing black gown and a pair of heeled black footwear. She emphasized the gothic look with the beaded gown, embroidered with intricate garlands of floral lace, with a matching chic headband.

Images | Kendall Versace Show in Paris

The attire of the famed model and sister of reality TV star Kim Kardashian looked gorgeous in the gothic style. She finished off the look by showcasing modern makeup and curly hairstyle.

What To Wear and Pack for Hiking

These days, hiking is one of the most interesting activities for many people. During vacation, it's one of our choices to spend a day with our loved ones. It's very exciting because it is also a form of exercise with a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature. Aside from that, you'll have an opportunity to enjoy road trip with other participants.

Mostly, organizers of a day hike rent a bus to reach the venue of the event. Luckily, many Manila Bus Rentals Philippines companies offer amazing packages for day trips to popular travel destinations. It makes us easy to organize transportation for hiking events. 

However, it's also necessary to have an awesome preparation for any hiking activity. So what to wear and pack for a day hike? Here are suggestions from those who have done the activity with their family and friends nowadays.

So prepared for a day hike!

What to wear

1. During summer, wear comfortable trousers for hiking. If it's cold season, choose long pants to protect you from cold.

2. You can opt to wear boots and a pair of thin cotton socks that will absorb sweat. It's also highly recommended to wear a thicker pair of hiking socks that you can pull up over your ankles. This is a good way to help guard against snake bites.

3. Another option is to wear a long sleeved top that is tightly woven to protect you against the sun.

4. You can look for fabrics that wick moisture away from your skin. For example, wear clothing made of Merino wool or some items made of silk for comfort and ease in hiking.

What to pack

1. Don't forget to pack food for lunch. Pack the sandwiches, energy drink and some fruits. You can also pack water, a few nuts and chocolates.

2. Bring medicine kit for the day hike. It should be packed with Paracetamol and anti-histamine tablets and plasters (band-aids) and antiseptic/antihistamine cream for small cuts, bites or blisters.

3. Bring your makeup kit. In packing it, include a sun tan lotion, sun glasses, lipstick, tissues and tiny hairbrush.

4. Take a small notepad for scribbling your thoughts, observation and ideas while hiking. It's important for writing your journal after the activity.

5. Pack a lightweight bag and put inside extra shirts, caps and a small umbrella.

6. Bring your wallet, phone and camera, too.

Are you planning for a day hike anytime soon! Enjoy planning the event. Don't forget to read the remarkable experiences shared by our friends online.