Meet The Mormons Movie Review

When I first heard about the movie Meet the Mormons through Facebook, I was thinking about watching it as soon as its showing near our area. But when I attended church meeting the next Sunday, it was announced that we will be watching it free at Robinson's Place Cinema 2 during Friday and Saturday with time blocking included. We had a chance to include it in planning our activities for the weekend.

I've watched clips of the film online, and I really like the way it was created for all audience. Everyone was invited to watch the movie for free, believers or non-believers. No wonder many people waited for its showing date at the assigned theater in the mall.

Honestly, I was expecting it to be a full-length film about a single story of church members. However, it was actually stories of extraordinary individuals about how they live their lives as Mormons. It's not about their faith actually, it's about how they applied what they believe in the church.

The stories are divided into six - and all of these diverse stories came from raw emotions of those involved. It isn't about the religion in the first place - it's about the people who have amazing beliefs - and the results of their chosen actions. Many people claimed that it was a propaganda since it was the first documentary film produced by the church in that magnitude, but all I can say is that anyone can learn from it. All of us have different beliefs anyway and we learn from each other.

David Archuleta sang Glorious for the film and it gives a wholesome tribute to the lives of many people who found happiness because of the Mormon belief. All in all, the film was truly moving - yet entertaining.