I Can Have My Cake and Travel Too

Many people asked me about my blogging journey in this world. For the sake of creating a post for this wonderful morning, let's me share with you my hobby of writing about amazing topics. It's amazing because it's not easy to maintain a website knowing that I have a 7-4 job at night shift time block.

The things that inspired me to write a blog are my passion for fashion, love of food and traveling and my commitment to build a writing career. These things are part of the spices that I sprinkle in my life to make it more beautiful.

First, I love to travel. Although it's an exhausting and overwhelming human activity, I love every bit of my travel escapades. I take advantage of the opportunities to visit different places in this country. Soon, I want to have a tour around Southeast Asia. I missed joining road trips by riding a bus such as those offered by Manila Bus Rentals Philippines company. Every time I'm on board an airplane, I always take time to pray and thank the heavens that I have opportunities to travel from one place to another every year.

I also love cooking and food preparation. It's a relief that I prepare our food because it gives me a chance to demonstrate my love of cooking. I also visit restaurants and famed dining places to get inspired all the time.

Since I'm a fashion lover, I study about it daily. I get inspired with the leading online portals about styling and beauty tips. If I learn about a scheduled fashion week and all the runway shows, I make sure that I can watch at least one catwalk parade. Earlier this month, I sneaked out from my busy work schedule to have a glimpse of Venus Raj walk in the runway wearing a wedding gown at SM Aura in BGC, Taguig. At that time, the lovely Vanessa Matsunaga had selfie with me, too.

What do I get out of this hobby? I have opportunities to meet new friends, mingle with celebrities and earn extra income by writing for clients during my free time. If I was able to write a post, I feel the fulfillment of doing something that is hard to do. Since I love writing, I always feel inspired to face all the challenges with great courage and dedication.