How to Prepare for a Backpacking Trip

Every person who loves to travel needs to know some tips on how to prepare for a backpacking trip. The ideas shared online by hundreds of experienced backpackers are remarkably useful that I'm inspired to share my favorite tips for all of you.

The usual things to prepare before an enjoyable trip are food items, water and your complete gear for the trek. To be prepared at all times, bringing a medicine kit and extra water are important. In terms of transportation, you can rent a car or join in a bus trip to the location of the hiking activity. Orange Cars Philippines company offers many travel packages, car rental service for land trips, showcasing their fleet of buses for everyone.

We know that there are amazing ways to enjoy a backpacking trip. In some places, backpacking is done to enjoy hiking in the woods or hopping from one island to another. It's a huge event that participants prepare for everything, including the mode of transportation. That makes us all so excited to learn the following tips.

Efficient backpacking tips from experts

1. Learn the basic camping skills

I'm sure that you have a lot of knowledge about camping skills and you have various experiences in joining such activity. To be successful in your backpacking trips, don't forget to master the basic camping skills such as how to start a fire, how to send a smoke signal, how to set up a tent and how to use compass.

2. Make your preparations early

It's wise to prepare yourself at least two months before the activity. It is a sufficient time to gather materials, save money and book tickets for your trip. It is also enough to arrange for your transportation needs and find an accommodation facility near the area of the camp site. Here, I'm talking about trips that are designed to allow you to visit tourist spots and enjoy hiking, swimming in the beach and hopping from one island to another.

3. Pick your travelling companions

During the trip, you need some companions to enjoy it. The most important aspect in choosing your travel buddy is to have someone who matches with your interests. We want to avoid conflicts during the trip so we make sure that everyone gets along well with each other.

4. Create a comprehensive list of your materials

Make a list of all the materials that you need to bring during the trip. Meaning, you should have a checklist of every item to pack in your bag. It's the perfect way to bring all the things that you will need during the trip. It allows you to relax during the activity since you don't have to worry about anything that you might forget in the long run.

5. Pack your bag sensibly

One of the most essential ways to prepare for a backpacking trip is to choose items for slim profile. In the outer pockets, you should place the things you will need easy access to. Obviously, you need to place heavy stuff in the bottom compartment and the lighter on top. Then, compress items that can be squished with plastic bags, folding, or whatever will help make it smaller.

6. Dress for the environment and the weather

Try to bring clothes for both cold and warm weather and extra t-shirts. Pay attention to your shoes, too. It should be appropriate for the trip to protect your feet from any form of injury. Bring extra socks to complete it.

7. Hike smart. Don't get lost.

Before you travel, don't forget to inform someone about it. It's essential to share your itinerary to a trusted individual. In cases of problems, someone should know your travel plans for safety purposes.

Are you familiar with the "take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints" mantra for hikers? Don't forget about it. All you have to do is "pack in, pack out" and maintain the order and cleanliness of the place that you're going to visit in your trips. Enjoy!