10 Awesome Things To Do On A Staycation

These days, planning for a staycation is easy. For young professionals, staycation is one of the best ways to unwind by staying in an awesome accommodation during weekends. Many families have been doing this new innovation in spending time to have a short vacation. No wonder we always hunt for interesting things to do on a staycation.

1. It's time to set strict rules 

Since a staycation is a real time to relax and unwind, there are things to remember for this activity. The usual rules are no gadgets (except camera, of course), no computer or video games, no worrying about work or home duties, no watching television and more. Our goal is to have time for our loved ones and avoid the usual things that we do at home.

2. Take a nap at a hotel or resort accommodation

There are many hotels and resorts nearby that we can choose to stay for the weekend and enjoy relaxing time. For those who love swimming, Watercamp Resort in Cavite has remarkable accommodation for guests.

3. Visit a nearby national park

I'm in the mood to prepare for a staycation in a newly-opened hotel nearby.
If you're very curious about historical events, you can visit national parks in provincial areas. I've been to Biak na Bato for a quick visit three years ago. It was really fun and memorable. I was able to see the caves used by early katipuneros in the country. When I was in Dipolog, I stayed at Cogon Eco Park for camping and enjoying nature.

4. Watch movie

There are times that we know several movies that we really like but we don't have time to watch it. Now is the time to spend a day for a movie marathon event! There was a time that I've decided to watch popular movie franchises alone. I finished watching Harry Potter movies because of it.

5. Enjoy a shopping spree

Many budget-conscious fashion lover want to enjoy a shopping spree. Every payout, I set aside money for a shopping spree. After four to five payouts, I've already accumulated enough funds for shopping. To maximize it, I prefer to shop in thrift shopping districts and have fun at the same time.

6. Visit a nearby amusement park

If you want to let your kids enjoy a day out, you can arrange to visit a nearby amusement park. There are parks that offer all-rides-you-can packages and get to roam around the premises to have an enjoyable day.

7. Check amazing books in the local library

We usually buy books in our favorite bookstores. Sometimes we forget to read the books because of our busy schedules. During staycation, we can finish reading our favorite books and learn many things. Personally, I choose to read self-help books for a change. I love Zig Ziglar's books!

8. Take time to learn cooking

For those who want to learn cooking, there are establishment in popular tourist spots that offer cooking lessons. Take advantage of their programs just to have fun and learn at the same time.

9. Join food trips 

I've enjoyed eat-all-you-can trip in a popular shopping district last month. It was really unforgettable because I had a chance to enjoy dining out with all the different food items in front of me. There are a lot of choices! Next time, I'll also visit again Buffet 101 to enjoy their buffet treats.

10. Go for hiking

If you prefer to travel in tourist spots, hiking is one of the most popular activities for you. Don't forget to learn some backpacking tips before planning such activity.

These awesome ideas to enjoy a staycation are helpful, especially to those who are really busy at work and in school. Here's a useful platform for those who want to enjoy discounts in hotel bookings to visit popular travel destinations nowadays. Enjoy!