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I Can Have My Cake and Travel Too

Many people asked me about my blogging journey in this world. For the sake of creating a post for this wonderful morning, let's me share with you my hobby of writing about amazing topics. It's amazing because it's not easy to maintain a website knowing that I have a 7-4 job at night shift time block.

The things that inspired me to write a blog are my passion for fashion, love of food and traveling and my commitment to build a writing career. These things are part of the spices that I sprinkle in my life to make it more beautiful.

First, I love to travel. Although it's an exhausting and overwhelming human activity, I love every bit of my travel escapades. I take advantage of the opportunities to visit different places in this country. Soon, I want to have a tour around Southeast Asia. I missed joining road trips by riding a bus such as those offered by Manila Bus Rentals Philippines company. Every time I'm on board an airplane, I always take time to pray and thank the heavens that I have opportunities to travel from one place to another every year.

I also love cooking and food preparation. It's a relief that I prepare our food because it gives me a chance to demonstrate my love of cooking. I also visit restaurants and famed dining places to get inspired all the time.

Since I'm a fashion lover, I study about it daily. I get inspired with the leading online portals about styling and beauty tips. If I learn about a scheduled fashion week and all the runway shows, I make sure that I can watch at least one catwalk parade. Earlier this month, I sneaked out from my busy work schedule to have a glimpse of Venus Raj walk in the runway wearing a wedding gown at SM Aura in BGC, Taguig. At that time, the lovely Vanessa Matsunaga had selfie with me, too.

What do I get out of this hobby? I have opportunities to meet new friends, mingle with celebrities and earn extra income by writing for clients during my free time. If I was able to write a post, I feel the fulfillment of doing something that is hard to do. Since I love writing, I always feel inspired to face all the challenges with great courage and dedication.

Chaa Vegetarian Restaurant at Robinsons Place Manila

I'm not going to write a review of this restaurant because I do not want to be biased in any way. I just want to share my experiences here and my latest travel escapade in the metro.

But before that, let me share with you what I've been thinking about these days. When I was in the province lately, I wasn't able to travel so far away so riding a bus again didn't happen yet. I have motion sickness so it's not really a good idea to experience it anytime soon. But when I tried traveling from Ayala to BGC through the BGC bus, I had fun. I remember the bus rental services offered by Manila Bus Rentals Philippines company since it has packages for tours outside the metro such as Laguna and Cavite areas. For me, I'll just drink a medicine to prevent motion sickness and have a vacation to one of the amazing resorts found in these areas.

Now, let's talk about Chaa Restaurant. It's located in the ground floor of Robinsons Place Manila. I had a chance to visit Paco Park to know their entrance fee so we headed straight to Robinson's Place to shop and dine. The place is awesome. I like the concept of the design and the combination of colors used by the designer. Obviously, I like light colors for a dining place. I've noticed that light green is dominant and also yellow, which reminds me of the colors of my favorite vegetables in our garden.

It was truly a restaurant for my vegetarian friends. But I didn't like the food because some are salty and the others are boring. I like the barbecue, though. But I'll consider it because it was almost closing time when we ate there. Of course, the food attendant who served the food is noticeably tired already so we didn't really experience good customer service.

I remember a friend who is a lawyer now who invited me to eat pancit at Chaa Restaurant. At that time, I can still remember the hype because the food was really tasty and fresh. There are many people who ordered their pancit because it's delicious and affordable so I can understand its popularity in the mall.

Do you know any vegetarian restaurant located within Malate area? Let me know in the comments section below. Cheers!

10 Awesome Things To Do On A Staycation

These days, planning for a staycation is easy. For young professionals, staycation is one of the best ways to unwind by staying in an awesome accommodation during weekends. Many families have been doing this new innovation in spending time to have a short vacation. No wonder we always hunt for interesting things to do on a staycation.

1. It's time to set strict rules 

Since a staycation is a real time to relax and unwind, there are things to remember for this activity. The usual rules are no gadgets (except camera, of course), no computer or video games, no worrying about work or home duties, no watching television and more. Our goal is to have time for our loved ones and avoid the usual things that we do at home.

2. Take a nap at a hotel or resort accommodation

There are many hotels and resorts nearby that we can choose to stay for the weekend and enjoy relaxing time. For those who love swimming, Watercamp Resort in Cavite has remarkable accommodation for guests.

3. Visit a nearby national park

I'm in the mood to prepare for a staycation in a newly-opened hotel nearby.
If you're very curious about historical events, you can visit national parks in provincial areas. I've been to Biak na Bato for a quick visit three years ago. It was really fun and memorable. I was able to see the caves used by early katipuneros in the country. When I was in Dipolog, I stayed at Cogon Eco Park for camping and enjoying nature.

4. Watch movie

There are times that we know several movies that we really like but we don't have time to watch it. Now is the time to spend a day for a movie marathon event! There was a time that I've decided to watch popular movie franchises alone. I finished watching Harry Potter movies because of it.

5. Enjoy a shopping spree

Many budget-conscious fashion lover want to enjoy a shopping spree. Every payout, I set aside money for a shopping spree. After four to five payouts, I've already accumulated enough funds for shopping. To maximize it, I prefer to shop in thrift shopping districts and have fun at the same time.

6. Visit a nearby amusement park

If you want to let your kids enjoy a day out, you can arrange to visit a nearby amusement park. There are parks that offer all-rides-you-can packages and get to roam around the premises to have an enjoyable day.

7. Check amazing books in the local library

We usually buy books in our favorite bookstores. Sometimes we forget to read the books because of our busy schedules. During staycation, we can finish reading our favorite books and learn many things. Personally, I choose to read self-help books for a change. I love Zig Ziglar's books!

8. Take time to learn cooking

For those who want to learn cooking, there are establishment in popular tourist spots that offer cooking lessons. Take advantage of their programs just to have fun and learn at the same time.

9. Join food trips 

I've enjoyed eat-all-you-can trip in a popular shopping district last month. It was really unforgettable because I had a chance to enjoy dining out with all the different food items in front of me. There are a lot of choices! Next time, I'll also visit again Buffet 101 to enjoy their buffet treats.

10. Go for hiking

If you prefer to travel in tourist spots, hiking is one of the most popular activities for you. Don't forget to learn some backpacking tips before planning such activity.

These awesome ideas to enjoy a staycation are helpful, especially to those who are really busy at work and in school. Here's a useful platform for those who want to enjoy discounts in hotel bookings to visit popular travel destinations nowadays. Enjoy!

Tips for Choosing a Car Rental

These days, there are many innovative ways to avail the services of a car rental company. In terms of individual needs in traveling from one place to another, ride sharing became popular.

However, you need to be knowledgeable of the car rental tips if you're looking for the best way to accomplish your tasks by choosing to have a car rental service. Try to have a thorough study of the offers given by popular car rental companies, including Orange Cars Philippines, in order to score the best deal.

1. Consider your needs

If you're looking for a luxury car, choose the best company that has a fleet of luxurious cars for your own benefit. In case you want to maximize your resources, you have the option to compare prices to get the best deal.

For those who are working in the corporate world, you can have the classiest ride by choosing remarkable packages offered by car rental companies. Do you want a BMW? How about your own chauffeur? To have careful planning, you have to consider these questions.

Don't forget to consider that the era of simple choices between subcompact, compact, mid-size and sports cars is over. At this point of time, you have a lot of options and it includes all types of cars which is from mini cars to luxury SUVs.

2. Choose the perfect car

Many people claim that it is wise to try finding a balance between a car that will comfortably seat your party and one that will let you travel through tight streets without giving you too much stress in the long run.

For instance, you can choose a city car if you're going to the airport alone. Nowadays, there are Kia cars for rent and these vehicles are obviously perfect for a modern way to reach the airport.

3. Be flexible

Since your options for car rental is not limited nowadays, you can be flexible in choosing the right package. Consequently, you can consider both price and car model to find the suitable vehicle based on your specific needs.

By the way, don't forget to have planning before hitting the road. It's one way to be comfortable and safe during your trip.

Kim Kardashian looks Chic in a Striped Trouser Suit and Black Top

Our muse for this moment is a very popular fashion lover, Kim Kardashian. We've known her as a celebrity who loves to show off amazing ensembles. Most of the time, she is seen wearing clothes and accessories that are really appealing.

Recently, the 34-year-old beauty rocked a black and gold outfit and appeared in a prestigious event at the Palais des Festivals for the Cannes Lions Festival. She looked glamorous in the two-piece outfit, which she emphasized with a pair of heeled sandals.

Images | Kim Kardashian Flared Suit

The design of her outfit is very popular in the 70s and it is very sensational for the famed reality TV star. Obviously, the Balmain striped lurex knit pants is her style contribution while attending the Cannes Lions Festival in the southern part of France.

How to Prepare for a Backpacking Trip

Every person who loves to travel needs to know some tips on how to prepare for a backpacking trip. The ideas shared online by hundreds of experienced backpackers are remarkably useful that I'm inspired to share my favorite tips for all of you.

The usual things to prepare before an enjoyable trip are food items, water and your complete gear for the trek. To be prepared at all times, bringing a medicine kit and extra water are important. In terms of transportation, you can rent a car or join in a bus trip to the location of the hiking activity. Orange Cars Philippines company offers many travel packages, car rental service for land trips, showcasing their fleet of buses for everyone.

We know that there are amazing ways to enjoy a backpacking trip. In some places, backpacking is done to enjoy hiking in the woods or hopping from one island to another. It's a huge event that participants prepare for everything, including the mode of transportation. That makes us all so excited to learn the following tips.

Efficient backpacking tips from experts

1. Learn the basic camping skills

I'm sure that you have a lot of knowledge about camping skills and you have various experiences in joining such activity. To be successful in your backpacking trips, don't forget to master the basic camping skills such as how to start a fire, how to send a smoke signal, how to set up a tent and how to use compass.

2. Make your preparations early

It's wise to prepare yourself at least two months before the activity. It is a sufficient time to gather materials, save money and book tickets for your trip. It is also enough to arrange for your transportation needs and find an accommodation facility near the area of the camp site. Here, I'm talking about trips that are designed to allow you to visit tourist spots and enjoy hiking, swimming in the beach and hopping from one island to another.

3. Pick your travelling companions

During the trip, you need some companions to enjoy it. The most important aspect in choosing your travel buddy is to have someone who matches with your interests. We want to avoid conflicts during the trip so we make sure that everyone gets along well with each other.

4. Create a comprehensive list of your materials

Make a list of all the materials that you need to bring during the trip. Meaning, you should have a checklist of every item to pack in your bag. It's the perfect way to bring all the things that you will need during the trip. It allows you to relax during the activity since you don't have to worry about anything that you might forget in the long run.

5. Pack your bag sensibly

One of the most essential ways to prepare for a backpacking trip is to choose items for slim profile. In the outer pockets, you should place the things you will need easy access to. Obviously, you need to place heavy stuff in the bottom compartment and the lighter on top. Then, compress items that can be squished with plastic bags, folding, or whatever will help make it smaller.

6. Dress for the environment and the weather

Try to bring clothes for both cold and warm weather and extra t-shirts. Pay attention to your shoes, too. It should be appropriate for the trip to protect your feet from any form of injury. Bring extra socks to complete it.

7. Hike smart. Don't get lost.

Before you travel, don't forget to inform someone about it. It's essential to share your itinerary to a trusted individual. In cases of problems, someone should know your travel plans for safety purposes.

Are you familiar with the "take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints" mantra for hikers? Don't forget about it. All you have to do is "pack in, pack out" and maintain the order and cleanliness of the place that you're going to visit in your trips. Enjoy!

Selena Gomez as the New Face of Pantene

We know that Selena Gomez has legions of fans from around the world these days. Many people agree that her beauty is truly unique and classy. She has an amazing hair and enviable personality.

The 22-year-old singer and actress was recently dubbed as the new face of Pantene. Through her Instagram account, she posted a fabulous salon shot with her long, silky and straight hair down. It was worlds away of her usual style, which is a hairstyle with more volume.

In an interview, Selena stated that: "I am thrilled and honoured to be representing the new Pantene. I can't wait to see what we're going to do, and we're going to have an awesome, awesome year."

Love of Music and Middle Atlantic Rack Shelf

I'm so in love with popular music nowadays - at least not so in love with songs from three decades ago. The lyrics aren't really moving but the melodies are nostalgic. With songs that define the way we express inspiration towards others, we feel ecstatic for songs like movie soundtracks and singles from popular singers.

Now that I have easy access to popular music, I think of the musical instruments and paraphernalia that are available for everyone such as middle atlantic rack shelf, studios and music sheets. We are so lucky to have these products because we can feel our love of music in an instant. Isn't it amazing? 

The popularity of Youtube that allows us to listen to our favorite popular songs is also notable. We can listen to the latest single of our favorite artist as soon as it hits the airwaves and we can view the lyrics, too. I wonder the magnitude of technology's fast development in terms of media distribution, creation of musical instruments and promotion of artists - including its effects towards cultural progress. Obviously, it will make this world a better place for all of us.

Jennifer Lawrence Shows Off Chic Urban Look with Her Isabel Marant Mini Skirt

Many ladies in the fashion world love Jennifer Lawrence as an actress and as a fashion lover. She has one of the most ingenious style in the world of show business. Even she's not on the red carpet, she knows how to make an ensemble stand out no matter what.

Earlier today, the famed actress showed off an amazing off-duty look in the streets of New York. She donned a gorgeous top and an Isabel Marant mini skirt. She finished off the look with a pair of Balenciaga wedge mules and a bag by Elizabeth and James.

Images | Jennifer Lawrence mini skirt

The fabulous mini skirt emphasized her toned physique and simple beauty. As she trotted with her bodyguard, the Hunger Games star rocked the fashion world in a low-key yet irresistible way.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley dons Skintight Leather Trousers and White Top

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is one of my favorite models. Since she's a popular Victoria's Secret angel, I usually look forward to the runway show every year. At present, I take inspiration on her captivating style.

Earlier today, the popular model rocked the fashion world as she showed off a chic style. She donned a white top and a classy skintight leather trousers as she enjoyed a windswept moment in the streets of New York City. The fashion lover and actress highlighted it off with a pair of light grey snakeskin pumps.

Rosie looked gorgeous in the black and white ensemble, which she teamed with a black and silver belt. Her studded black leather bucket bag completed the classy look.

Images | Rosie Huntington-Whiteley black leather trousers

Nowadays, Rosie is busy with her movie career aside from her tremendous modeling status. She's part of the film, Mad Max: Fury Road.

Avon Totally Kissable Deep Orchid Lipstick Review

We know that every woman loves to use lipstick everyday. I'm not saying that we should use it daily, but I only want to emphasize that it's really helpful in making our days better. Personally, I make it a habit to apply lipstick if I'm not in the mood. In an instant, I feel good about myself.

Today, I'm going to share with you a product review on Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick with the color choice of Deep Orchid. I know. It's a very dark shade but I would like to emphasize that it's totally fabulous!

Why I Like It

At first, I'm hesitant about using the product because it's a rare color. I mean, I don't usually wear a lipstick in deep, dark hue. I'm more hooked with pink and red lipsticks no matter what brand it is. When I tried Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick in Deep Purple, I was stunned! It's very alluring and stays longer in my lips - perfect for photo shoots for my blog.

What I Don't Like About It

It's kind of a matte lipstick so I need to apply a more liquefied product before using it to moisturize my lips. But it has rich color, so I'm alright with it. It's too dark so I need to wear a no-makeup look to have simple results. Otherwise, I'll look like a Halloween babe.

Is It Affordable

Yes. The Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick Deep Orchid shade is affordable. Knowing Avon, you'll find gorgeous and affordable products so easily. Just watch out for the sale alerts. It's the best one for a budget-conscious fashion and beauty lover like me.

If you give it a try, even for once, you'll have a better day. Sometimes it's in simple things that we enjoy life. Stay gorgeous!

Favorite Snacks and Custom Printed Tablecloths

We know that food preparation is a vital part of our lives. Men love to eat their favorite food products all the time. It's well-known that food is one of the reasons people gather in one place and celebrate life.

With the people we love, we share food in the most meaningful way. In that sense, we take time to choose the paraphernalia in food preparation, including kitchenware, spices and tablecloths. Since it's easy to find printed table cover with logo online, it's not a problem to have a wonderful meal in the table with our loved ones.

At Premier Table Linens, you can choose a wide variety of  products for table setting at home or during parties. In popular supermarkets, you can find the best kitchenware that will match your theme for the week. After all, we love to rearrange and decorate our dining table at home for meaningful meals. Obviously, it's one of the most exciting activities of many homemakers.

If you're looking for amazing products, don't hesitate to research online because you'll have tons of inspiration in doing so. It will give you a sense of accomplishment because you'll never run out of ideas because of the things that you can find online.

Let's make every meal memorable by using the best products available nowadays. If you think that I inspired you today, leave comments below. I'd love to read it!

Meet The Mormons Movie Review

When I first heard about the movie Meet the Mormons through Facebook, I was thinking about watching it as soon as its showing near our area. But when I attended church meeting the next Sunday, it was announced that we will be watching it free at Robinson's Place Cinema 2 during Friday and Saturday with time blocking included. We had a chance to include it in planning our activities for the weekend.

I've watched clips of the film online, and I really like the way it was created for all audience. Everyone was invited to watch the movie for free, believers or non-believers. No wonder many people waited for its showing date at the assigned theater in the mall.

Honestly, I was expecting it to be a full-length film about a single story of church members. However, it was actually stories of extraordinary individuals about how they live their lives as Mormons. It's not about their faith actually, it's about how they applied what they believe in the church.

The stories are divided into six - and all of these diverse stories came from raw emotions of those involved. It isn't about the religion in the first place - it's about the people who have amazing beliefs - and the results of their chosen actions. Many people claimed that it was a propaganda since it was the first documentary film produced by the church in that magnitude, but all I can say is that anyone can learn from it. All of us have different beliefs anyway and we learn from each other.

David Archuleta sang Glorious for the film and it gives a wholesome tribute to the lives of many people who found happiness because of the Mormon belief. All in all, the film was truly moving - yet entertaining.