How to Be a True Friend

There are thousands of ways to be a true friend within your circle of friends. Each one of us wants to have a true friend so we take time to think how to be one. Sometimes it is scary to know that we forgot to assess ourselves on how we treat others. No wonder I've been doing a little assessment on this topic for weeks.

Am I a good friend? Are you? These random questions are important things for me because I always want to have kind, loyal and dependable friends. I know that I'm not perfect but I always see to it that I have time for my friends. I'm so lucky that I was born at the time when technology was discovered, until computers and its wonder made me a better person. Through social media, I can connect with my friends anytime.

Here are a few ways to become a true friend. I will only name the three most important ways to become a true friend to make it easy to remember. By the way, these are only part of my opinion and I welcome your comments.

My friends - Aisie and Iris 

1. Be loyal.

We know that loyalty is an ancient way of associating with other people. It's a common way to get what you want and not feel bad about it. If you are loyal, your friends will pay you by giving their time and efforts to help you in the things that you do. It's simple. They're grateful that you stayed with them through thick and thin.

Pro tip, don't ever talk about your friends behind their back. It's a cause of delay - a common hindrance in building a long lasting friendship with others. Being loyal is a form of respect that deserve a gift of kindness from the recipient as a return of the favor. Why not take it as part of your friendship vow?

2. Be dependable.

We can't be there all the time - and our friends know it, too. But, at least, we give our empathy and compassion in times of need. Let them know that you care - as they say "it's the thought that counts."

These days, the way to success isn't hard to find. Let your friends show their dependability in a meaningful way by trusting them. Don't be too needy that you take away their freedom to decide on a lot of things.

3. Be kind.

The best way to be kind is to be a true friend to anyone. We are all strangers at first, but because of the art of associating with others that we become familiar with the true essence of life. It's rue that no one is an island - that's why we should reach out to others by showing genuine friendship.

I know that these things are hard to develop, especially if you have a lot of friends. But if you hang out with only a few people, you'll have a chance to perfect the art of being loyal, depedable and kind. So it's better to start from there. Come on! Let's make this world a better place.