The Things That Changed Me This Summer

How are you dear readers? It's time for me to update my blog because I really missed doing this.

I know that I wasn’t able to post an update in this blog for a long time. Now, I would like to share the reason. I’d like also to talk about some things that will inspire you. I’m so sure of that.

I got a job that I really liked, so I tried taking it on until the last week of training, since I decided to stop for some reasons. It was very challenging knowing that it isn’t the usual job that I do. It was hard because I have to deal with people who are not aware of the way I was trained back in the academe and that it was totally different. It was life changing because I met a lot of people who love the job dearly that they’re able to do it for more than three years.

As for me, I found out that it’s not just really for me; it’s also affecting my plans. Even if I really liked it, I had to stop. When I was still on training, I think about my blog, the usual things that I do and I think about having a vacation at Mount Sea Resort in Cavite. I think about swimming, hiking and playing with my dog, Enzo. Suddenly, I realized that I was trapped in a job that doesn’t fit my personality. Even if I’ll pass all the tests that they’ll give us, I won’t make it for long. I know.

But I’m really grateful for the experience. It gave me a wider perspective of life. I had a chance to look things differently now. It really doesn’t matter who you are in the first place, it’s how you balance things out. If you think you’re an expert on something, you should share your knowledge in a humble way so as not to hamper the learning process of the one that you’re teaching. If you’re trying hard to learn the trick and trade of things, make sure to deal with people in a positive way. If it’s too much, don’t be afraid to assess things for your own good. There are other options anyway. It’s not true that you don’t have other chances.

I think it is not proper to set your expectations too high on a person who has trodden a different world no matter how good he or she is. I’m talking about a person who took another skill on purpose for a change.

Anyway, I just enjoyed a wonderful lunch after I’ve decided to stop training. It was a time to be free from something so wonderful yet challenging. All I have to do is to find another job and learn from the experience.