Meeting Ruby Girls at Eurotel Manila

I remember my wonderful experience in meeting Ruby Girls at Eurotel Manila two years ago. It’s very unforgettable because I met foreign performers for the first time. And it’s an activity for a select few so it isn't crowded.

It happened the day after my friends and I had a wonderful swimming party at Watercamp Resort in Cavite. We had a small house in Imus before so I'm really familiar with Cavite resorts and hotels nearby.

I had a chance to ask them questions with the help of a translator. They were able to answer the questions so clearly that I really noticed their eagerness to impress us.

The girls were wonderful and they’re very friendly. Even though they can’t speak English well, they’ve tried to communicate with us in an amazing way. They mentioned the local language of saying How are you, Thank you, and We love you. During the interview segment, they also cheered us on by sharing their career plans.

I’m not aware about their latest projects at the moment but I’m really hoping that they’ll become more famous. They had an amazing performance during the event. Obviously, they’re really preparing for their scheduled concert in the country.

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