Why I Love Our Dog

Enzo is one of our pet dogs. He's my favorite pet. Every morning he would wake me up for one reason. He wants me to prepare his food. But I know he just want to greet me a happy morning. It's just funny because he would lead me to the kitchen after greeting me.

I admit that I really love our dog. He's my best friend. Three years ago, he got very sick. Thankfully, the veterinarian helped him cope up with the illness. She asked me to buy medicine for Enzo in a nearby store or online portals such as Entirely Pets Pharmacy. After four days, Enzo felt better. But we still monitored him every now and then.

I love our dog because he is one of the reasons that I'm not bored at home. He usually greet me every time I arrive home. No wonder I never forget to buy treats for our pet.

Enzo is also very sweet. He comforts me when I'm sad. He would lie down in my foot to let me know that he's always there for me.

Our dog had also experienced protecting me from a deadly snake. He tried to fight against the snake when it's about to crawl in the bunk bed where I was relaxing one Saturday afternoon. 

Aside from that, Enzo is very playful. It helps me become active everyday. When we go out for a walk every afternoon, I feel that it's an amazing experience.

Lastly, our dog is friendly. Our friends thought he's scary. However, they learned later on that Enzo is so sweet. We are so happy that we adopted him.