What to Expect in Traveling to a New Place

Travel is really exciting, especially if you’re going to visit a new place. It’s more of a journey than just an ordinary vacation or long trips on the road. For instance, you’re planning to visit Palawan, which is recently named The Most Beautiful Island in the World, for the first time and you’re on a solo trip. What will you do? What will you expect as a lone wanderer? There are many possibilities that are worth our time.

If you’re curious, here are things to expect in traveling to a new place. We've gathered this information for your convenience.

1. You’ll have a chance to unwind in a beautiful place without hassle.

This is a positive thing for those who love to travel alone. You’ll end up lounging around a place that’s perfect for soul searching and no one can disturb you. Since you’re alone, you don’t need to wait for someone every morning.

Maybe, you want to stay on a resort or on a beach house. There are many Cavite resorts that offer world-class services, exceptional customer service and spectacular places for a lone wanderer, family and group travelers.

2. You’ll fall in love

I’m not cupid or thinking like him but there are people who met their partners on the road. Come on. Let your imagination work for this great possibility.

3. You’ll probably be lost on the road

Before the popularity of Google Maps, many solo travelers are lost on the road. Even if you travel with someone, you’ll most likely experience being lost.

Instinctively, you’ll sit down and quickly recover from the blunder. Of course, you shouldn’t let others know that you’re lost. To be safe, discreetly ask questions about your next move and hold on to your instinct.

These days, it’s no longer difficult to visit new places. All you have to do is research before going there. Obtain a map and read maps about the place.

4. You’ll end up catching the last trip of buses, ferries and other public transportation because of unavoidable circumstances

I’m not fooling you around. Believe me. Sometimes you’ll end up catching the last trip of any public transportation. If you’re wise enough to research the correct departure time of a bus or a ferry, you’ll get in on schedule. But there are circumstances that no one can control so don’t expect to be on time all the time.

5. You’ll probably meet people who will take advantage of you

One of my friends admitted that she met a person who stole her belongings while they’re riding a bus to reach the port. It was her fault, though. She didn't know that the person will take advantage of her.

Another friend told me that while traveling to Camiguin Island, a mother and son tandem fooled her so badly. She was left behind the last trip of a ferry so the mother and son befriended her for not so obvious reasons. Later on, one of them stole her wallet while they’re busy looking for a place to stay.

How to be prepared for these circumstances? Don’t trust strangers. I personally experience sleeping in the port with my husband because we didn't catch up the last trip of the ferry going to Boracay Island. It’s safer that way because the port is well-lighted and security guards are assigned to watch over it.

6. You’ll learn to make quick decisions

If you’re lost or forgot to buy something that’s important for the trip, you need to decide quickly to solve the challenge. It’s a skill that you’ll eventually learn along the way.

7. You’ll sharpen your sense of direction

Think of it as a wonderful journey. Create an invisible map in your mind if necessary. Ask questions wisely. Remember the places that you've seen earlier. Trust me. It will be useful in your voyage.

8. You’ll find cozy restaurants

If you reach a new place, you’ll end up eating in fine dining places. Why? Many fine dining places are located in areas that many tourists will visit such as parks, shopping districts and entertainment arcades. Well, it’s an expensive option.

To save cash, find a place that has night markets for a memorable, affordable and meaningful dining experience.

9. You’ll probably land in a hotel or inn that has dark secrets

I have a personal experience during one of my travel escapades with my husband. We booked a room in one of the popular hotels in Laguna. It’s located near Laguna de Bay so we really liked it. However, we experienced scary events in the room. Both of had bad dreams. It was so spooky that we requested to transfer to another room.

Have you experienced the same thing? It’s not really good. No wonder it is necessary to research about the place before visiting it.

10. You’ll go home as a different person

Because of all the positive and negative travel experiences, you’ll become a new person with new viewpoint in the end. You’ll be more prepared in your next travel escapade.