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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Have you tried attending a pool party? Do you have amazing experiences? If you’re an avid fan of swimming in beautiful resorts such as Watercamp Resort in Cavite, you have probably organized a pool party with your family and friends.

But if you have just participated it before by invitation and you want to organize your own event, you need to remember the things to prepare for a pool party. Let’s talk about it one by one.

1. Prepare the venue as early as possible

The best way to enjoy a pool party is to choose the best venue for the event. If it’s really a beautiful place, you need to book early because many people are probably planning to stay there.

2. Set the menu for the event

Food preparation is a huge factor to have a successful pool party. No wonder you need to decide the menu for the gathering. If you have decided to hire a catering company, choose the best provider. In order to do this, perform an extensive research before talking to your prospects.

3. Assign a person to handle the transportation

The arrangement for transportation is also very important. It is necessary to assign someone to prepare for it to avoid problems along the way.

4. Indicate the ways to maintain safety and security during the party

Make sure that you have coordinated with the assigned security personnel of the resort to maintain safety during the gathering. If you have kids, assign someone to watch over them in the kids’ pool area.

5. List the names of your guests and send proper invitation requests

If you are saving cash for the event, use recycled materials for the invitation cards. Being creative is useful in this process of preparation. And it’s also fun to do it!

6. Arrange for accommodation in case of out-of-town trips

If the venue of the party offers amazing accommodation packages, take advantage of it. During off-peak seasons, many resorts offer discounts for group travelers. All you have to do is choose the best deal.

7. Pack extra belongings such as medicine kit, extra clothes, towels and other personal items

You’ll need to be prepared while on the road. If you have a medicine kit, you’ll avoid any health problems. For those who are traveling with kids, extra snacks and water are important.

8. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen protection such as lotion, creams and any moisturizer

Protection from direct sunlight or UV rays is highly recommended. There are affordable products in drug stores that you can buy for the pool party. Make sure to include moisturizers and face creams for skin care and protection.

9. Bring digital camera for documentation purposes

Don’t forget to bring a digital camera to document the event. If possible, assign someone to take photos and videos. After all, you want to keep the memories while having a swimming spree in a spectacular place.

10. Include a makeup kit in your weekend bag

You’ll probably upload the photos on Facebook or other social networking sites so it’s a must to look fresh and beautiful while attending the party. Prepare reliable products such as foundation, cheek tint and lipstick for a fresher look.


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