The Unique Triumph of Jessica Minh Anh’s Fashion Show atop the Eiffel Tower

The world of fashion is unpredictable sometimes. It is full of smart, beautiful and talented people - who are willing the share unique fashion experiences to every style enthusiast.

Just like what Jessica Minh Anh did for so many months already.

Jessica Minh Anh, a well-known model and entrepreneur, successfully showcased an Autumn Fashion Show in Paris at the symbol of the fashion capital, Eiffel Tower last October 31, 2014.

The event marked Jessica’s 8th history making showcase around the globe and promoted the rise of a new generation of creative leaders.

Jessica Minh Anh and other models sashayed down the runway that spanned 150 meters across the first floor of the symbolic tower in the presence of 150 exclusive guests. At the end of the catwalk, , Jessica Minh Anh made full use of the brand new feature of the tower as models effortlessly stepped on the thrilling glass floor.

The J Autumn Fashion Show 2014 has combined art, culture, architecture, and fashion, a truly unconventional way to show great style and talent throughout the world. In this case, participating brands make use of tradition and then experiment on various ways to show off modern designs.

Meanwhile, the ardent followers of Jessica Minh Anh want to know the next plans of the famous model and entrepreneur. When is the next iconic runway show? Where would it be? These are the things that we’ve been anticipating after Jessica’s successful Autumn Fashion Show 2014 in Paris.

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