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Remembering the Holidays with Christopher Radko Ornaments

The season of giving is fast approaching. Many people are already busy decorating their houses to prepare for Christmas celebration. There are many fancy decor sold in our favorite shopping malls, including Christopher Radko Ornaments that are offered online. We are excited for the exchange gifts, parties and other events that will be organized to celebrate the holiday season. However, it is also exciting to talk about remembering Christmas. 

1. The food is exceptional

We know that parties are ubiquitous during the holiday season. We can see different people who are busy organizing parties in the community. When in comes to food preparation, this is the time to serve amazing dishes that we find special and delectable.

2. It is a time to be generous

Christmas is a time to be generous. Everyone are excited to share their blessings to their loved ones. Friends love to exchange gifts, too. In the corporate world, year-end parties are prepared for both the employers and the employees.

3. It's the perfect time to enjoy a shopping spree

Of course, there are exciting deals offered by our favorite stores during the holiday season. It's wise to take advantage of it.

Do you have other Christmas memories to share with us? Let me know in the comments section. Advance Happy Christmas!

Function in Fashion While Traveling

In this world, travel is one of the most meaningful activities for many people. We travel to relocate to another place and find greener pastures. Others go on vacation to unwind with their family and friends. I’ve heard that young professionals in the metro go to Watercamp Resort in Cavite during weekends to enjoy swimming. Some people also travel to perform business transactions.
Since we have different reasons to stay on the road, we value different tips on how to prepare for a memorable trip. We want to stay updated for the best and stylish ways to visit new place and enjoy life. Our take on travel packing is here for you. Enjoy!

1. Bring a functional tote bag.

There are many reasons to bring a massive bag for the trip. Maybe, you can use a functional weekend tote bag to organize your things properly. Or you can also opt for a backpack to keep your things properly.

Others prefer to bring a suitcase and a handbag. The suitcase has all the clothes, accessories, personal items and other important belongings. On the other hand, you can put your travel documents in your handbag, including the makeup kit, medicine kit and cash.

2. Don’t forget your digital camera.

We love to take pictures while traveling to document everything. It isn’t good to forget your digital camera because you’ll miss taking pictures during the trip.

3. Carry a travel organizer and a pen.

Many experienced travelers no longer carry an organizer. They already know the basics in visiting new places. It’s already in their minds and hearts.

For those who have just started taking long trips, it is important to bring a travelorganizer and a pen. It’s perfect for writing a travel diary, shopping plans and other information.

4. Pair your clothes and accessories properly.

It’s necessary to bring clothes and accessories that can be paired in many ways. In that way, you can bring fewer items. Bring clothing pieces that you don’t need to iron and are not bulky.

5. Organize your makeup and personal items in a small bag.

If you have tons of makeup and beauty products, you need a smaller bag to organize it.

A zip lock bag is also necessary to organize your cellular phones, digital camera and other gadgets. For backpackers, this idea is useful especially if you’re going to participate in outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, mountain climbing and more.

6. Prepare a medicine kit.

To prevent any illness or disease on the road, it is important to bring a medicine kit. Some people drink medicine to avoid motion sickness while traveling. It is also advisable to bring ointments and sunblock lotion for protection while participating in outdoor events.

7. Pack some food and water for the trip.

You’ll need to pack extra food and water before your trip. This is essential for those who are traveling with kids.

8. Secure your travel documents.

To avoid problems, travel documents must be secured in your handbag so that it can be easily drawn if needed.

Before the trip, take photos of your plane tickets and other travel documents. These days, airline companies allow passengers to show their identification cards and tracking number during check in process in the airport. It’s more convenient, fast and innovative.

What to Expect in Traveling to a New Place

Travel is really exciting, especially if you’re going to visit a new place. It’s more of a journey than just an ordinary vacation or long trips on the road. For instance, you’re planning to visit Palawan, which is recently named The Most Beautiful Island in the World, for the first time and you’re on a solo trip. What will you do? What will you expect as a lone wanderer? There are many possibilities that are worth our time.

If you’re curious, here are things to expect in traveling to a new place. We've gathered this information for your convenience.

1. You’ll have a chance to unwind in a beautiful place without hassle.

This is a positive thing for those who love to travel alone. You’ll end up lounging around a place that’s perfect for soul searching and no one can disturb you. Since you’re alone, you don’t need to wait for someone every morning.

Maybe, you want to stay on a resort or on a beach house. There are many Cavite resorts that offer world-class services, exceptional customer service and spectacular places for a lone wanderer, family and group travelers.

2. You’ll fall in love

I’m not cupid or thinking like him but there are people who met their partners on the road. Come on. Let your imagination work for this great possibility.

3. You’ll probably be lost on the road

Before the popularity of Google Maps, many solo travelers are lost on the road. Even if you travel with someone, you’ll most likely experience being lost.

Instinctively, you’ll sit down and quickly recover from the blunder. Of course, you shouldn’t let others know that you’re lost. To be safe, discreetly ask questions about your next move and hold on to your instinct.

These days, it’s no longer difficult to visit new places. All you have to do is research before going there. Obtain a map and read maps about the place.

4. You’ll end up catching the last trip of buses, ferries and other public transportation because of unavoidable circumstances

I’m not fooling you around. Believe me. Sometimes you’ll end up catching the last trip of any public transportation. If you’re wise enough to research the correct departure time of a bus or a ferry, you’ll get in on schedule. But there are circumstances that no one can control so don’t expect to be on time all the time.

5. You’ll probably meet people who will take advantage of you

One of my friends admitted that she met a person who stole her belongings while they’re riding a bus to reach the port. It was her fault, though. She didn't know that the person will take advantage of her.

Another friend told me that while traveling to Camiguin Island, a mother and son tandem fooled her so badly. She was left behind the last trip of a ferry so the mother and son befriended her for not so obvious reasons. Later on, one of them stole her wallet while they’re busy looking for a place to stay.

How to be prepared for these circumstances? Don’t trust strangers. I personally experience sleeping in the port with my husband because we didn't catch up the last trip of the ferry going to Boracay Island. It’s safer that way because the port is well-lighted and security guards are assigned to watch over it.

6. You’ll learn to make quick decisions

If you’re lost or forgot to buy something that’s important for the trip, you need to decide quickly to solve the challenge. It’s a skill that you’ll eventually learn along the way.

7. You’ll sharpen your sense of direction

Think of it as a wonderful journey. Create an invisible map in your mind if necessary. Ask questions wisely. Remember the places that you've seen earlier. Trust me. It will be useful in your voyage.

8. You’ll find cozy restaurants

If you reach a new place, you’ll end up eating in fine dining places. Why? Many fine dining places are located in areas that many tourists will visit such as parks, shopping districts and entertainment arcades. Well, it’s an expensive option.

To save cash, find a place that has night markets for a memorable, affordable and meaningful dining experience.

9. You’ll probably land in a hotel or inn that has dark secrets

I have a personal experience during one of my travel escapades with my husband. We booked a room in one of the popular hotels in Laguna. It’s located near Laguna de Bay so we really liked it. However, we experienced scary events in the room. Both of had bad dreams. It was so spooky that we requested to transfer to another room.

Have you experienced the same thing? It’s not really good. No wonder it is necessary to research about the place before visiting it.

10. You’ll go home as a different person

Because of all the positive and negative travel experiences, you’ll become a new person with new viewpoint in the end. You’ll be more prepared in your next travel escapade.

Things to Prepare for a Pool Party

Have you tried attending a pool party? Do you have amazing experiences? If you’re an avid fan of swimming in beautiful resorts such as Watercamp Resort in Cavite, you have probably organized a pool party with your family and friends.

But if you have just participated it before by invitation and you want to organize your own event, you need to remember the things to prepare for a pool party. Let’s talk about it one by one.

1. Prepare the venue as early as possible

The best way to enjoy a pool party is to choose the best venue for the event. If it’s really a beautiful place, you need to book early because many people are probably planning to stay there.

2. Set the menu for the event

Food preparation is a huge factor to have a successful pool party. No wonder you need to decide the menu for the gathering. If you have decided to hire a catering company, choose the best provider. In order to do this, perform an extensive research before talking to your prospects.

3. Assign a person to handle the transportation

The arrangement for transportation is also very important. It is necessary to assign someone to prepare for it to avoid problems along the way.

4. Indicate the ways to maintain safety and security during the party

Make sure that you have coordinated with the assigned security personnel of the resort to maintain safety during the gathering. If you have kids, assign someone to watch over them in the kids’ pool area.

5. List the names of your guests and send proper invitation requests

If you are saving cash for the event, use recycled materials for the invitation cards. Being creative is useful in this process of preparation. And it’s also fun to do it!

6. Arrange for accommodation in case of out-of-town trips

If the venue of the party offers amazing accommodation packages, take advantage of it. During off-peak seasons, many resorts offer discounts for group travelers. All you have to do is choose the best deal.

7. Pack extra belongings such as medicine kit, extra clothes, towels and other personal items

You’ll need to be prepared while on the road. If you have a medicine kit, you’ll avoid any health problems. For those who are traveling with kids, extra snacks and water are important.

8. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen protection such as lotion, creams and any moisturizer

Protection from direct sunlight or UV rays is highly recommended. There are affordable products in drug stores that you can buy for the pool party. Make sure to include moisturizers and face creams for skin care and protection.

9. Bring digital camera for documentation purposes

Don’t forget to bring a digital camera to document the event. If possible, assign someone to take photos and videos. After all, you want to keep the memories while having a swimming spree in a spectacular place.

10. Include a makeup kit in your weekend bag

You’ll probably upload the photos on Facebook or other social networking sites so it’s a must to look fresh and beautiful while attending the party. Prepare reliable products such as foundation, cheek tint and lipstick for a fresher look.

Four Tips to Overcome Loneliness

These days, loneliness is one of the problems in society. It’s a challenge that must be faced wisely. Here are four tips to overcome loneliness.

1. Enjoy solo travel experiences

Hit the road alone for good reasons. Stay in a beautiful resort for days. There are many Cavite resorts that offer travel deals and packages that are perfect for you.

It is also one way to ease boredom. If you’re a risk-taker and a loner, you’ll end up visiting places that offer unique experiences. Don’t forget to prepare for it very carefully. It’s because you don’t have someone to rely on in case of challenges on the road.

2. Recognize loneliness for what it is

Admit that loneliness is an enemy and a disease that eats away happiness. It alienates you from all that is worthwhile in life. It sours and sickens the spirit.

Since it is deadly to peace of mind, don’t think of it as a cross that you must bear or dress it as a friend. Avoid being lonely and enjoy life as much as possible.

3. Distinguish between loneliness and aloneness

Aloneness can bring on loneliness, and often does. But it need not.

Some of the most radiant people are those who by necessity are alone much their time, but who have learned to use their solitude creatively. In fact, we need periods of aloneness; from them we generate the physical and spiritual re-invigoration for our busy days.

4. Involve yourself in the service to others

Service is an old method to stay happy. When some crisis strikes a community – such as a typhoon, an earthquake, a flood – people reach out, regardless of race or social distinction, to help each other.

But if you know someone who is experiencing inner disasters that can be more devastating than any physical storm, reach out to that person quickly. Don’t neglect the bereaved, orphan or anyone who is suffering from life’s unavoidable circumstances.

Quick Tips for Extreme Travel

All avid travelers must be prepared for extreme travel arrangements. The emergence of extreme sports, week-long festivals and Cavite resorts that offer world-class swimming pools allow adventure-seeking individuals to have many choices. Plus airline companies offer affordable airline fare nowadays. Most of these travel opportunities are offered outside the metro, but only a few people think that traveling just to get to such places is well worth the trip.

For some, traveling may as well be an extreme sport, because it takes you out of your comfort zone. Like an extreme sport, it can be fun, but also challenging. Below are some tips for conquering the trip that is extreme traveling.

1. Always carry a bottle of water with you.

Traveling can tire you out, and water will keep you from being dehydrated. Water will also prime you for whatever sport you’ll try. Those who travel with kids need to bring extra water and snacks.

2. Bring extra plastic bags for wet clothes.

A number of extreme sports will get you wet, and plastic bags make bringing home wet clothes so much easier. If you’re a fan of pool parties, bringing extra plastic bags is also a must so that you’ll have something to use in packing your wet clothes.

3. Pack a first-aid kit.

You’ll never know what’s in store for you out there, so it would be best if you come prepared for emergencies. Don’t forget to include ointments, sunscreen protection creams and moisturizing lotion.

4. Before you embark on a trip, take an anti-dizziness tablet.

The ride to the site may be bumpy, and you’d want to save your energy for the sport or swimming activity that’s waiting for you.

By the way, motion sickness can strike anyone. Anytime. Be prepared always by bringing anti-dizziness tablets with you. 

How to Achieve a Balanced Lifestyle

We know that the secret of life isn’t in what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you. Since life is full of surprises, it’s up to us to face it wisely. Obviously, there are things to remember in order to live a balanced lifestyle. We’re here to share it with you.

Love. No one is an island. Without love, we cannot survive. It gives us the gift of dealing with others to survive in this world.

Security. We are talking about spiritual and emotional security. These things are paramount to one’s well-being. Aside from that, financial security is also necessary. It provides peace of mind.

The art of relaxation. For peace of mind, we need to get rid of our tensions and recharge our creative energies. One of the best ways to refuel our creative minds is to travel. Arrange an annual travel adventure with your family and friends.  By meeting a lot of people and learning new things, we can have inspiration to have a better lifestyle.

Reaching goals. Once we start reaching daily goals, we reach personal success and maturity. After all, fulfilment is a positive feeling that we shouldn’t take for granted.

Get involved. People from all walks of life must reach out to others. It is an essential requirement to have a balanced lifestyle. Seek to help others who need your courage, your understanding, your good will. Be an inspiration.

Self-respect. More than anything else, we should value self-respect and the respect of others and for others. It draws tremendous positive results.

Recognition. We must feel acceptance by others. However, the first step is to find acceptance within ourselves and recognize our own worth. If we love ourselves, we can also love others.

New creative experiences. How can we find new creative experiences? It’s through research and constant observation around us. We must continually remain alert for new opportunities to express ourselves creatively.

Self-expression. Being creative is a necessity. It can open more doors for opportunities in this life. We need to do something creative in this world instead of being just idle bystanders. Our contribution to build a better society is important.

Be generous. We can be generous by sharing happiness with others. Man should value his capacity to give. Young people must be taught this value. It is one of the most valuable assets in a happy life. Many modern motivators re-echo the need to be generous to receive more happiness in life.

Explore Australia and Marvel all its Glory

Australia - the Land Down Under - continues to shine in the world of travel. And it's one of the most interesting places to visit nowadays. Let's say it in two words, Gold Coast, and you're already on your way to plan for your next travel adventure.

We love Australia, and not just because it can be remarkably cheap to visit. The Land Down Under is richer in flora, fauna and attractive Oscar-nominated male actors. Talk about anything pretty. :) But those are just a few of the many reasons why, as far as we're concerned, the Aussies have it better. There’s more to talk about one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Australia is a unique and diverse country in every way - in culture, population, climate, geography, and history. Australian culture is as broad and varied as the country's landscape. Australia is multicultural and multiracial and this is reflected in the food, lifestyle and cultural practices and experience in the country.

Australia has an important heritage from its indigenous people, which plays a defining role in the cultural landscape. This diversity of influences creates a cultural environment in Australia that is lively, energized, innovative and outward looking. Of course, these are the things that many backpackers search these days.

Moving to Australia means running towards opportunities

Why Australia?

Many people want to live in Australia, especially those skilled professionals want to have a new career development abroad.

Here are popular reasons that Australia is one of the favorite expatriate destinations these days.

1. There are many job opportunities in Australia

The opportunities are quickly growing in the country. It’s a place that’s full of enthusiasm and opportunity.
The unemployment rate in Australia is incredibly low compared to other places of interest. There is a skilled workers shortage that allow job applicants to find amazing career opportunities.

In addition, the working environment in Australia is incredibly great. In the country, many employers offer great work/life balance for the employees. You’ll have perks and privileges, too. It’s an excellent way to have a new way of life. Who wouldn't want to enjoy a great work environment that the country offers to migrant workers?

2. The quality of life is even better in Australia

If you want to experience to live in one of the best places in the world, Australia is one of your options. Australia is one of the world’s most popular migrant destinations. Many people are lured by the exceptional quality of life offered by the country.

Recently, four Australian cities are included in the Top 10 World’s Most Livable Cities, with Melbourne on the top. This is absolutely inspiring!

Many Australian cities, including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth have a European/North American way of life that offers every kind of service, employment and entertainment. Aside from that, the population isn't growing fast, pollution isn't a problem and the place has a modern and efficient infrastructure.

3. Australia is a beautiful country.

We know that Australia is a beautiful country. It has various landscapes that offer something for anyone. Every tourist can enjoy its stunning beaches, marvel the beauty of nature in the countryside and have an adventure in mountains and hiking trails in the country. Don’t miss your chance to chase endless summer escapades in one of its fine beaches that stretch the coastlines from north to south and east to west.

One of the best things that visitors will experience in the country is great food coupled with a great deal of adventure. Every traveler can also enjoy its superb cuisine and fine wines. After exploring around the place, you’ll have a chance to relax and enjoy the tranquility in the area.

For those advent thrill-seekers, the place has plenty of nature’s gifts to admire. The Great Barrier Reef is just one of many natural wonders in Australia’s breathtaking landscape. Fraser Island, The Pinnacles, Uluru and The Kimberleys are just some of the country's popular jewels.

4. It is fun to live in Australia

Sports is one of the things that make Australia so popular throughout the world. Whether it is summer or winter, you can be sporty with your family and friends. Whether you like to watch or play, there is always plenty of sport going on for you. You’ll never get bored!

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The Unique Triumph of Jessica Minh Anh’s Fashion Show atop the Eiffel Tower

The world of fashion is unpredictable sometimes. It is full of smart, beautiful and talented people - who are willing the share unique fashion experiences to every style enthusiast.

Just like what Jessica Minh Anh did for so many months already.

Jessica Minh Anh, a well-known model and entrepreneur, successfully showcased an Autumn Fashion Show in Paris at the symbol of the fashion capital, Eiffel Tower last October 31, 2014.

The event marked Jessica’s 8th history making showcase around the globe and promoted the rise of a new generation of creative leaders.

Jessica Minh Anh and other models sashayed down the runway that spanned 150 meters across the first floor of the symbolic tower in the presence of 150 exclusive guests. At the end of the catwalk, , Jessica Minh Anh made full use of the brand new feature of the tower as models effortlessly stepped on the thrilling glass floor.

The J Autumn Fashion Show 2014 has combined art, culture, architecture, and fashion, a truly unconventional way to show great style and talent throughout the world. In this case, participating brands make use of tradition and then experiment on various ways to show off modern designs.

Meanwhile, the ardent followers of Jessica Minh Anh want to know the next plans of the famous model and entrepreneur. When is the next iconic runway show? Where would it be? These are the things that we’ve been anticipating after Jessica’s successful Autumn Fashion Show 2014 in Paris.

Do you like her interpretation of fashion inspiration? Let's talk about it in the comments below.