Why Fashion Isn't Just Fun and Glamour

The true spirit of mankind isn't seen through the outside appearance. It's the beauty from within. It's true that having the perfect lifestyle, flawless complexion and fabulous style really matter to us. But what about the deepest meaning of life? What is our origin? Why are we here? Where are we going? These questions are worth our time. Come on. Let's ponder.

Lately, I think about my future and the purpose why I have exactly the life that I'm living, the challenges that I encounter and even the things that I cannot control as a woman of strength. Why I strongly love fashion? It's a joke to say that maybe, I'll be one of the stylists in heaven someday. :) But of course, fashion isn't just fun and glamour.

It's also service to other people.

On our way to fellowship church-mates in Cogon.
Our opportunity to give back to the community is noticeable even in the things that we love. I can inspire others to be more compassionate for I know that I live only long enough because of the love and generosity of other people. In diverse ways, I receive blessings through other people who have supported me all the way. Who am I not to give back? I'll do it in my own little ways, though. I won't force it just for the show.

Well, fashion is also generosity.

If you think someone deserves your summer dress, give it to that person. Do it cheerfully. Clean your closet. In that way, you're not only giving a room for new set of clothes and accessories, you're also making others happy. One of my bags has to go. I'll give it to my sister.

I'm grateful for these happy thoughts. For all fashion lovers, we have the influence for good things to spread quickly because we're believers of all things beautiful.

Are you a fashion lover? Let's love, serve and give now!