Wedding Celebration with Lovely Fall Décor

Weddings are exciting. No one argues with me in this premise. The excitement starts from the engagement to the reciting of vows in the isle before the officiating official. But it lasts to the moment that we realize the bride and groom have finally settled down through the sacrament of marriage.
Recently, my friend got married. She finally tied the knot with her American fiancée in a wedding ceremony with lovely fall décor. Have you read my latest post about weddings? It's entitled Orange Theme Fall Wedding Inspiration. I talked about this kind of decoration technique for wedding receptions. 

It’s ironic because I don’t want to wear something orange for the event. Even if it is requested by the bride, I still have qualms about it. Why? It’s because I want to wear pink, my color of love and excitement.

The chapel is located near our place so we just hired a cab to get there. If the wedding was planned earlier, maybe, we just rented a bus through a popular Philippines Bus Rentals for all the guests. It could have been easier. But even if it was planned that way, all is well for all of us.

Many guests wore outfits with shades of orange and white. The wedding banquet was well-arranged and I can see orange flowers all around the place. The table setting has a large bowl with colorful liquid that adds flair to the decoration of the place.

What’s your favorite wedding décor? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!