Ugly Shopping Habits to Discard by Age 30

Our shopping habits can make or break our fiscal blueprint. By the age of thirty, we’re expected to climb up to the ladder of success. If we’re not financially stable by that time, are we doing it right? Probably, our way of life isn’t excellent. Luckily, we have gathered the ugly shopping practices to discard by the age of 30. Let’s talk about it one by one.

1. Unplanned purchases

We experienced shopping without planning in some points of our lives. It includes buying an item without an occasion to wear. Many people call it impulsive buying – something that may affect our financial independence.

So what should we do? We start being creative. Check the best fashion photos in various online style communities and collect images of our favorite ensembles. If we want to be organized, we label is according to the style such as classy, retro, preppy and trendy.

2. Careless buying

Have you experienced buying items that don’t fit? Let’s say you’ve found a chic maxi skirt that doesn’t look perfect on you and you bought it in the end. Thinking, maybe, this can be repaired someday. I suggest you think about it all over again. I have purchases that are carelessly done. The items end up in my pack of unused fashion items.

One of the exciting parts of shopping is buying with the intention to return. Many style enthusiasts do this once in a while. Is this even ethical? Personally, I have not tried doing this shopping strategy. However, I think that this is very thrilling to do. After all, this is an acceptable way of shopping clothes and accessories.

How should we shop carefully? We should device a plan before heading to our favorite shopping districts. It’s important to check our closets to know what we need to buy, that is setting our priorities. In that way, we avoid impulse buying that may affect our budget.

3. Always going over your budget

We hate out-of-budget purchases. Yes. But we also like buying the best style items on sale in shopping malls. We feel giddy about finding a perfect piece of clothing even if the price is high, especially if we discovered it ahead than others. If this happens every time we shop, we go over the budget. This is not a perfect situation for every budget savvy fashion lover. Am I right?

So what should we do? Think about thrifty thrills. We can certainly buy all items that we like if we shop in thrift stores. If we have these two things - quantity and quality – we will surely have memorable shopping experiences.

4. Buying a new outfit for every event

We have to eradicate a shopping habit that is buying a new clothing piece for every event. Our goal is to avoid packs of worn-once dresses.

If we want to save money while shopping, we should buy classy items that do not go out of style such as a little black dress, a pair of nude pumps and a set of pearl accessories.

5. Shopping exclusively at fast fashion stores

We heard about popular fast fashion stores such as Zara, H&M and Topshop. These stores have new style items every season and usually update the stocks every now and then. You’ll end up buying items that look too young instead shop for sophisticated pieces such as a pencil skirt and a little black dress.

Do you have any bad shopping habits? What about good ones? Let us know in the comments below!


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