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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Have you thought of the very first time mankind discovered the relevance of music? Maybe, the early inhabitants of the earth heard the birds sing early in the morning. I suspect the waves of the peaceful sea or the rushing water of a nearby brook changed their mood from sadness to happiness. I guess everyone loves to hear the humming sound of the wind during late afternoons. We imagine the excitement of our ancestors to share their singing voices leap in the air during special occasions.

Fast forward today. We embraced the fact that music has changed our world for the better. These days, many musical instruments are discovered and created for a multitude of music lovers. We love to use the piano, violin, guitars such as the epiphone dr-100 piece, cymbals and other instruments for fun and entertainment. In the wake of the Information Age, musical pieces can be easily downloaded through our gadgets. Many singers emerge as even more popular because of singing competitions and video portals in the Internet.

We love music because it helps us survive everyday. As mentioned in the popular film, Journey to the Mysterious Island, music is a natural painkiller. It heals a wounded heart and weary soul. Even animals love music. It's a universal symbol of peace, happiness and contentment. No wonder we hear it wherever we go.

I'm grateful that music is available in this world. Every night before I sleep, I listen to my favorite singers. It helps me calm my soul and drift off peacefully.

How about you? Do you like music? Let's talk about it in the comments below.


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