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Monday, October 06, 2014

The face of adventure is notable every time I seek for it. In some cases, it is arduous for every traveler. There are times that it is totally cool. The way we see it depends on the challenges ahead of us. But I found it dramatic when I travelled to The Islands at Dasmariñas, Cavite.

At that time, I received an invitation to visit the real estate development. With other bloggers, I’ll enjoy a tour and other exciting activities. Think about roaming around a well-developed place. Isn’t it already exciting?

However, I haven’t visited the place before. It’s my first time to be there. How will I get there without being lost on the way? I don’t know. I just have faith that I’ll arrive safely before the start of the event. How I wish there’s a rented vehicle for the participants, something like a service provided by reputable Cavite Bus Rentals in the Philippines. It would have been easier. Anyway, it’s just a small gathering so that was planned that way. I have to go there alone.

As a commuter, I see to it that I already researched everything I need for the trip. I have to ride a small public transport vehicle from our place, and then hop in a bus to reach Dasmariñas, Cavite. After that, I need to ride another small public transport vehicle to reach The Islands. 

It was all worth it. The adventure was exhilarating. We had a sumptuous lunch after the first leg of the tour. The lunch was delectable.

The second part of the tour is also enjoyable. We had the chance to examine each model house. I love it! I stared at the chic chandeliers, amazing table setting, posh bathrooms and other amenities available in the area. We had a chance to check all kinds of houses that comprise the community.

The event was memorable for me because I like real estate development. It’s a sign of progress, a leap of advancement. I saw the design of the houses for opulent home buyers and it was absolutely fabulous. The swimming pool is well-designed and the cabana looks awesome.

The adventure was totally gorgeous. I have no regrets in accepting the invitation even if I have other plans for that day. The choice to visit such a wonderful place is worthwhile. I met new friends. I heard new sounds. I saw new sights. It was absolutely unforgettable.

Have you visited The Islands lately? Or are you a homeowner there? Let’s share comments below.



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