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Style Results When Black and Pink Collide

One of our options to look gorgeous is to wear an outfit with a color combination of black and pink. To have impressive results, we need to choose the best accessories to match it. However, you can use what you already have in your closet, especially if you are a budget conscious fashion lover.

The popularity of pink in the fashion world is notable. It’s always visible in sophisticated ensembles and even in simple style setup. Without pink, fashion accessories look dull sometimes. It’s really an interesting color. We love it.

But it’s more interesting to use black as a canvass of any shade of pink in your wardrobe essentials. Here’s why.

1. Black and pink create a subtle representation of sophistication

We know that black is beautiful. Our perspective of pink is upbeat. If the two collide in the world of fashion, the result is obviously dramatic.

Get a sophisticated look by combining the two shades once in a while. It’s perfect to create a not-so-classy dress for evening gatherings.

2. It isn’t boring

Well, it isn’t easy to transform a drab look to a fabulous one. It’s a tricky job to do. Many stylists discover fresh ways to transform a dowdy outfit to its better version.

To avoid a monotonous look, mix darker shades with pink for a remarkable style transformation.

3. It goes well with any accessory

The fusion of black and pink is already gorgeous. All you have to do is choose less sophisticated accessories to complete the styling process.

Don’t worry. It wouldn’t entirely clash with any other color as long as there’s balance involved. It’s advisable to use decorative fabrics such as tulle, lining materials and buttons.   

4. The mixture of black and pink is charming when used creatively

Our understanding of creativity is varied nowadays. The popularity of the normcore explosion is noteworthy. So if we think the combination of black and pink is charming, it’s a positive note for those who love to create unique ensembles these days, even if you only have a little knowledge in styling.

5. It is downright lovely. No side comments.

I have my own design, picked the right materials and visit my favorite tailoring shop. My shoes are from Primadonna.

If there’s any side comment, it’s always pleasant. After all, we are combining two popular colors in the world of fashion – black and pink.

6. The exquisiteness of black and pink is easy to pull off.

In terms of presentation, the mixture of the two hues is easy to show off. If you wear matching separates, the result is elegant. If the outfit is a well-designed dress, the effect is effortless style.

Perfect, gorgeous and pleasing to the eyes – these are the style grades when black and pink collide.

Do you like black and pink combination? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below.

How to Lead an Amazing Lifestyle

We can have an amazing lifestyle the way we want it. Yes. But there are things - mostly free - that we sometimes ignore. Let's talk about those things!

It is necessary to lead a well-balanced life. We all know that spontaneity is important to take advantage of the best things in life. After all, following a rule book to live everyday is monotonous. Who wouldn't want to enjoy life to the fullest?

There are three things to remember in order to live a well-balanced lifestyle. These are positive thinking, travelling and staying healthy – simple things but are obviously necessary.

Positive Thinking

We often neglect being a positive thinker. Sometimes we think it's overrated. Maybe, we find it hard at times, especially when problems come and go.

Think about food, eat a balanced diet and enjoy life!
For so many years, people are thinking about the best ways to curb life’s challenges. There are suggestions from well-known writers and sagacious individuals from across the globe. But the truth is, only positive thinking that really works wonder. Why? It’s easy to receive wonderful things when you already think about it in the beginning. Try to think about problems all time, and then you’ll have endless troubles. But if you ignore it and think about real solutions, there’s nothing to worry. Just think about happy thoughts.


One of the best ways to enjoy life is to travel. If we are on the road for an adventure in some points in our lives, we are living a well-balanced life. I want to visit popular travel destinations, including Cavite resorts these days. It’s affordable, enjoyable and easy to do. 

Be passionate about fashion

Why not? We go out everyday wearing clothing pieces. We know that clothing is part of our basic needs. It's amazing if we handle our wardrobe with care and enthusiasm. It's a way to stay budget-savvy, too.

Healthy Living

We are taught to eat a healthy and balanced diet all the time. We should eat fruits, vegetables and drink lots of water. If we try to do these things regularly and sleep at least eight hours every night, we will have a healthy and strong body. We also follow daily physical exercise routine to stay energetic and active.

Do you have other ways to live an amazing lifestyle? Let's talk about it in the comments below. Let's have fun!

Top 100 Fashion Blogs

Karen Ezine was ranked 100th. I'm grateful since the blog is still young but it's beginning to attract other fashion lovers across the globe.

I strongly support the top 5 fashion bloggers as ranked by the team at Rebates Zone since I'm a fan of She Knows, Story by Modcloth, High Snobiety, Trend Hunter and Because I am Fabulous.

An infographic by the team at Rebateszone

Thank you for reading!

Why Fashion Isn't Just Fun and Glamour

The true spirit of mankind isn't seen through the outside appearance. It's the beauty from within. It's true that having the perfect lifestyle, flawless complexion and fabulous style really matter to us. But what about the deepest meaning of life? What is our origin? Why are we here? Where are we going? These questions are worth our time. Come on. Let's ponder.

Lately, I think about my future and the purpose why I have exactly the life that I'm living, the challenges that I encounter and even the things that I cannot control as a woman of strength. Why I strongly love fashion? It's a joke to say that maybe, I'll be one of the stylists in heaven someday. :) But of course, fashion isn't just fun and glamour.

It's also service to other people.

On our way to fellowship church-mates in Cogon.
Our opportunity to give back to the community is noticeable even in the things that we love. I can inspire others to be more compassionate for I know that I live only long enough because of the love and generosity of other people. In diverse ways, I receive blessings through other people who have supported me all the way. Who am I not to give back? I'll do it in my own little ways, though. I won't force it just for the show.

Well, fashion is also generosity.

If you think someone deserves your summer dress, give it to that person. Do it cheerfully. Clean your closet. In that way, you're not only giving a room for new set of clothes and accessories, you're also making others happy. One of my bags has to go. I'll give it to my sister.

I'm grateful for these happy thoughts. For all fashion lovers, we have the influence for good things to spread quickly because we're believers of all things beautiful.

Are you a fashion lover? Let's love, serve and give now!

ILUSTRADO: Ang Kauna-unahang Bayani Serye sa Philippine Primetime

Some people only know the stories of others tell them, but for the first time in Philippine television history, GMA News and Public Affairs brings one of the nation's heroes to a new light - one that portrays him as human, someone people could understand, and most of all, love once again.

Ilustrado takes a step back and shows the man that embodied the positive qualities that Filipinos aim to be. The series showcases Jose Rizal's journey from his childhood, his colourful travels in Europe, his adventures in love, and most of all - the sacrifices he made for the love of his country.

What makes this series interesting is the incorporation of a variety of fictional characters that assist in highlighting and bring more life into the original storyline, making it more beautiful than it already is; for what is the hero without a villain? Though they are fictional, they are just as real as humans can be: capable of hurting other people, but at the same time showing that even people born into bad circumstances are worthy of redemption. That it is in the human spirit to learn and change for the good.

Top billing this momentous series is one of the most promising actors today, Alden Richards as Jose Rizal, Kylie Padilla as Leonor Rivera, together with Solenn Heussaff and Max Collins as her European lovers Nellie Bousted and Consuelo Ortiga. What gives the production an even higher quality is the presence of top–calibre actors including this year's Cinemalaya's best actress Eula Valdes playing the role of Rizal's mother Teodora Alonzo, three-time Urian best actress Jaclyn Jose as Conchita Monteverde, Ricardo Cepeda as Francisco Mercado, Freddie Webb as Don Jose Alberto, Polo Ravales as Venchito Monteverde, Mailes Kanapi as Donya Teodora Formoso, among others. 

Behind this production is the same team who made the award-winning series Katipunan, and is filmed using the sophisticated Arri Alexa camera, along with equally high-end lenses provided by CMB Film Services Inc. To achieve the grandeur of the 19th-century Europe that Jose Rizal knew and had adventures in, modern visual effects will be used to show the never forgotten decadence of the places where he completed his two most famous novels--the Noli Me Tangere, and El Filibusterismo.

Ilustrado, ang kauna-unahang bayani serye sa Philippine primetime is set to make history this October 2014 on GMA Telebabad. 

Jose Rizal
Alden Richards 

One of the nation's heroes, Jose Rizal's humble beginnings and deep roots of love for his family shaped him to become the man that inspired a nation. A man as passionate for his country as he was with the women in his life, he sought for reforms for the country due to the injustices done to his fellow countrymen and women. What cemented his name into history was the two books he published that woke the nation from oblivion. He is a writer, an artist, a lover, and a nationalist. He is Jose Rizal.

Leonor Rivera
Kylie Padilla

Called by some as Jose Rizal's true love, Leonor Rivera is often overlooked in history and is known as the inspiration for Maria Clara. Steadfast despite the distance between her and Jose, Leonor shows that no matter what, the heart never gives up, even when his letters stopped coming from Europe. Wed to an Englishman named Charles Henry Kipping, the ashes of the letters between her and her beloved Jose were sewn into the hem of her wedding dress, scattering the lost sweet words exchanged between Jose and his 'Taimis'.

Teodora Alonzo/Donya Lolay
Eula Valdez

An intelligent and empowered woman ahead of her time, Donya Lolay is the epitome of the unbreakable and resilient human spirit. Unjustly arrested twice in her life, she was made to walk from Calamba, Laguna to Sta. Cruz, Manila as part of her punishment. And yet it was in her quiet suffering that she gathered her strength--not only for her, but for her family. Most importantly, she was the sole reason for shaping Jose Rizal into the man who became the hero of a nation.

Conchita Monteverde
Jaclyn Jose

She is the snake that lays hidden in the grass, ready to strike. Her venom is deadly and in her path lays the destruction of all who stand in her way. Conchita Monteverde, a woman with spite as blood that flows through her veins and envy that pulses in her heart. Selfish, heartless, and conceited, she would do anything in her power to stay on top, even if it means not fighting fair.

Nellie Bousted
Solenn Heussaff

Daughter of a wealthy British businessman, Nellie Bousted received the affections of Jose Rizal quickly after he learned of Leonor Rivera's marriage to Charles Henry Kipping. It was also because of Nellie that Jose Rizal and Antonio Luna almost had a deadly duel that unfortunately did not push through. The beautiful Nellie and Jose spent time together and she made his stay in Biarritz memorable as well as helped him finish his second novel. However, their relationship did not last due to differences in religion, as well as Rizal's unwillingness to convert. The parting between them was far from bitter, and the two remained good friends afterwards.

Francisco Mercado/Don Kikoy
Ricardo Cepeda

The rock of the family; Francisco Mercado remained strong for his family despite their tragic circumstances. Intelligent and wise, he took care of his family singlehandedly throughout Donya Teodora's arrest; something that is no easy task to do. Determination was the key to keeping his family together; along with the already existing deep relationship between him and his children.

Jose Alberto
Freddie Webb

Jose Rizal would not be the confident man he was if it were not for his namesake--Jose Alberto. Brother of Donya Teodora, he taught his young nephew to wrestle as well as ride a horse to boost Pepe's confidence. An educated man from Europe, he was learned in many things. However, even he was not spared from bad luck when his own wife accused his sister for poisoning her.

Venchito Monteverde
Polo Ravales

Taught on from an early age to be better than everyone, Venchito Monteverde is a man who is the opposite of who Jose is--spiteful, smug, and filled with nothing but hate. His appearance is cruelly deceptive; behind that sweet smile lays malicious motives, and his words are a silent venom that bring nothing but harm.

Paciano Mercado
Marco Alcaraz

He is the steady lighthouse against the strong beat of the waves against the rocks; the ever faithful brother who never gave up until the very end. Paciano Mercado is proof that family is important and always comes first. Blessed with emotional strength, he endured banishment and torture at the expense of his brother, accepting pain instead of surrender. Perhaps the most enigmatic of all the Mercado siblings, Paciano however is eponymous with the words strength, but most of all--love.

Padre Amado
Lito Legazpi

Padre Amado is a friar who resents those beneath him and treats them even far worse. Sharp-tongued and domineering; people respect him not because of the good he has done but the fear he has instilled to the people.

Young Rizal/Pepe
Jhiz Deocareza

Curious and imaginative, Young Rizal's world was filled with nothing but a sense of wonder for the world that was just waiting for him to discover. His education started from his own mother, who filled his world with wonderful stories that had lessons in them and instilled the values that he carried on throughout his life.

Young Venchito
Sean Ross

Raised to be the best, Venchito Monteverde knew from an early age that he is superior to everyone else. The rival of the young Rizal, he was drilled from boyhood to be exactly like his mother--rotten to the core with a heart full of envy and eyes blinded with the false promise of victory against his archenemy from Calamba.

The Way Music Changed The World

Have you thought of the very first time mankind discovered the relevance of music? Maybe, the early inhabitants of the earth heard the birds sing early in the morning. I suspect the waves of the peaceful sea or the rushing water of a nearby brook changed their mood from sadness to happiness. I guess everyone loves to hear the humming sound of the wind during late afternoons. We imagine the excitement of our ancestors to share their singing voices leap in the air during special occasions.

Fast forward today. We embraced the fact that music has changed our world for the better. These days, many musical instruments are discovered and created for a multitude of music lovers. We love to use the piano, violin, guitars such as the epiphone dr-100 piece, cymbals and other instruments for fun and entertainment. In the wake of the Information Age, musical pieces can be easily downloaded through our gadgets. Many singers emerge as even more popular because of singing competitions and video portals in the Internet.

We love music because it helps us survive everyday. As mentioned in the popular film, Journey to the Mysterious Island, music is a natural painkiller. It heals a wounded heart and weary soul. Even animals love music. It's a universal symbol of peace, happiness and contentment. No wonder we hear it wherever we go.

I'm grateful that music is available in this world. Every night before I sleep, I listen to my favorite singers. It helps me calm my soul and drift off peacefully.

How about you? Do you like music? Let's talk about it in the comments below.

Chevron Stripes Wedding Inspiration

Chevron is in! Always. For budget-savvy brides, it’s one of the best options for modern decoration themes. If you lack fresh ideas to decorate the reception area or create the invitation cards, go for bold strokes and perfectly patterned lines that attract everyone in the guest list. Who wouldn’t like innovative wedding décor nowadays?

The beauty of chevron stripes is very alluring. It is unique in a sense that there are many ways to beautify a room with chevron stripes. It has attractive patterns that add appeal to every piece of décor in the venue. It is also multi-functional and easy to prepare. There are tons of ideas shared by wedding enthusiasts for you to consider in preparing it. You’ll never get bored!

The amazing huge graphic strokes and aligned colors are perfect for table settings, invitations and giveaway designs. The combination of yellow, pink and green stripes is perfect for the design of the cake and the cupcakes. Imagine the beauty of vivid colors aligned to perfection.

For the menu, chic pieces of striped ornamentation around the area where the food is going to be served are perfect for added ambiance. It’s wise to focus on the aesthetics so that the guests will have something to remember while enjoying the food. I’ve heard guests who share their fond memories about weddings by detailing the items included in the table setting before talking about the taste of their favorite delicacy.

 Images | Pinterest

It is also one of the best choices for stylish brides who want a different approach in preparing for a wedding celebration. However, each one involved in the planning and preparation stage must be experts in coordinating stripes and patterns to avoid too loud arrangement. The main goal is to have a perfect harmony of colors, size of graphic strokes and the arrangement of embellishments.

Have you attended a wedding celebration with chevron stripes theme? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

Wedding Celebration with Lovely Fall Décor

Weddings are exciting. No one argues with me in this premise. The excitement starts from the engagement to the reciting of vows in the isle before the officiating official. But it lasts to the moment that we realize the bride and groom have finally settled down through the sacrament of marriage.
Recently, my friend got married. She finally tied the knot with her American fiancée in a wedding ceremony with lovely fall décor. Have you read my latest post about weddings? It's entitled Orange Theme Fall Wedding Inspiration. I talked about this kind of decoration technique for wedding receptions. 

It’s ironic because I don’t want to wear something orange for the event. Even if it is requested by the bride, I still have qualms about it. Why? It’s because I want to wear pink, my color of love and excitement.

The chapel is located near our place so we just hired a cab to get there. If the wedding was planned earlier, maybe, we just rented a bus through a popular Philippines Bus Rentals for all the guests. It could have been easier. But even if it was planned that way, all is well for all of us.

Many guests wore outfits with shades of orange and white. The wedding banquet was well-arranged and I can see orange flowers all around the place. The table setting has a large bowl with colorful liquid that adds flair to the decoration of the place.

What’s your favorite wedding décor? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

The Islands at Dasmariñas, Cavite

The face of adventure is notable every time I seek for it. In some cases, it is arduous for every traveler. There are times that it is totally cool. The way we see it depends on the challenges ahead of us. But I found it dramatic when I travelled to The Islands at Dasmariñas, Cavite.

At that time, I received an invitation to visit the real estate development. With other bloggers, I’ll enjoy a tour and other exciting activities. Think about roaming around a well-developed place. Isn’t it already exciting?

However, I haven’t visited the place before. It’s my first time to be there. How will I get there without being lost on the way? I don’t know. I just have faith that I’ll arrive safely before the start of the event. How I wish there’s a rented vehicle for the participants, something like a service provided by reputable Cavite Bus Rentals in the Philippines. It would have been easier. Anyway, it’s just a small gathering so that was planned that way. I have to go there alone.

As a commuter, I see to it that I already researched everything I need for the trip. I have to ride a small public transport vehicle from our place, and then hop in a bus to reach Dasmariñas, Cavite. After that, I need to ride another small public transport vehicle to reach The Islands. 

It was all worth it. The adventure was exhilarating. We had a sumptuous lunch after the first leg of the tour. The lunch was delectable.

The second part of the tour is also enjoyable. We had the chance to examine each model house. I love it! I stared at the chic chandeliers, amazing table setting, posh bathrooms and other amenities available in the area. We had a chance to check all kinds of houses that comprise the community.

The event was memorable for me because I like real estate development. It’s a sign of progress, a leap of advancement. I saw the design of the houses for opulent home buyers and it was absolutely fabulous. The swimming pool is well-designed and the cabana looks awesome.

The adventure was totally gorgeous. I have no regrets in accepting the invitation even if I have other plans for that day. The choice to visit such a wonderful place is worthwhile. I met new friends. I heard new sounds. I saw new sights. It was absolutely unforgettable.

Have you visited The Islands lately? Or are you a homeowner there? Let’s share comments below.

Ugly Shopping Habits to Discard by Age 30

Our shopping habits can make or break our fiscal blueprint. By the age of thirty, we’re expected to climb up to the ladder of success. If we’re not financially stable by that time, are we doing it right? Probably, our way of life isn’t excellent. Luckily, we have gathered the ugly shopping practices to discard by the age of 30. Let’s talk about it one by one.

1. Unplanned purchases

We experienced shopping without planning in some points of our lives. It includes buying an item without an occasion to wear. Many people call it impulsive buying – something that may affect our financial independence.

So what should we do? We start being creative. Check the best fashion photos in various online style communities and collect images of our favorite ensembles. If we want to be organized, we label is according to the style such as classy, retro, preppy and trendy.

2. Careless buying

Have you experienced buying items that don’t fit? Let’s say you’ve found a chic maxi skirt that doesn’t look perfect on you and you bought it in the end. Thinking, maybe, this can be repaired someday. I suggest you think about it all over again. I have purchases that are carelessly done. The items end up in my pack of unused fashion items.

One of the exciting parts of shopping is buying with the intention to return. Many style enthusiasts do this once in a while. Is this even ethical? Personally, I have not tried doing this shopping strategy. However, I think that this is very thrilling to do. After all, this is an acceptable way of shopping clothes and accessories.

How should we shop carefully? We should device a plan before heading to our favorite shopping districts. It’s important to check our closets to know what we need to buy, that is setting our priorities. In that way, we avoid impulse buying that may affect our budget.

3. Always going over your budget

We hate out-of-budget purchases. Yes. But we also like buying the best style items on sale in shopping malls. We feel giddy about finding a perfect piece of clothing even if the price is high, especially if we discovered it ahead than others. If this happens every time we shop, we go over the budget. This is not a perfect situation for every budget savvy fashion lover. Am I right?

So what should we do? Think about thrifty thrills. We can certainly buy all items that we like if we shop in thrift stores. If we have these two things - quantity and quality – we will surely have memorable shopping experiences.

4. Buying a new outfit for every event

We have to eradicate a shopping habit that is buying a new clothing piece for every event. Our goal is to avoid packs of worn-once dresses.

If we want to save money while shopping, we should buy classy items that do not go out of style such as a little black dress, a pair of nude pumps and a set of pearl accessories.

5. Shopping exclusively at fast fashion stores

We heard about popular fast fashion stores such as Zara, H&M and Topshop. These stores have new style items every season and usually update the stocks every now and then. You’ll end up buying items that look too young instead shop for sophisticated pieces such as a pencil skirt and a little black dress.

Do you have any bad shopping habits? What about good ones? Let us know in the comments below!