The 10 Most Popular Trends of 2015

The mixture of gorgeous trends in the runway reminds me of the perfect harmony of nature – where not a thing is out of place. From the edgy twist of the fringe style to the beauty of geometric patterns, there’s no reason to love the big trends that are visible nowadays. And since we want to embrace the other stunning ensembles for next year, we selected ten of the most popular fashionable outfits of 2015 for you.

1. Scalloped Skirt

You’ll never skip wearing a dress with scalloped skirt because of obvious reasons – it’s absolutely stylish, chic and edgy. When Karlie Kloss dazzled in the runway to model the creations of Oscar De La Renta wearing a green frock with scalloped edges detail, we immediately thought of a similar design that will match our individual style.

2. Fringe Style

The emergence of tasselled fashion pieces rules the runway these days. The benefits of wearing fringe outfits are varied – from looking chic to trendy – and isn’t boring.

3. Ruffled

One of our favorite fashion items are ruffled dresses, blouses and skirts. The main idea is to show off quirky ensembles in an elegant way. It’s also perfect for showing off an ethereal look with a cool twist.

4. Floral Dresses

Floral dresses are not just for summer – they’re also meant to emphasize one’s unique style. Well, it’s a common outfit for ladies but you can wear big floral dresses for a change.

5. Plaid Beauty

The perfect comeback of gingham trend is exciting. For inspiring attire, choose well-designed pieces to show off an enviable personality. The best way is to wear fitted plaid clothing for added flair. Or maybe, choose a pleated frock for an instant seasonal update. The result is absolutely alluring!

6. Big Belts

The Judo-looking belts are rushing in the world of fashion. Will you try it? Many stylish fashion lovers use big belts in standard colors such as black, deep blue and dark green.

7. Stripes

We love the beauty of graphic strokes and colored stripes. Every girl with a sense of style knows that striped clothing items are alternatives to a monochromatic look. It can transform a day from dreary to happy because of the delicate strokes and colored lines put together in a pleasant way. Since the latest Topshop unique fashion show headlined by Cara Delevingne, the face of the popular label, showed off amazing models in stripes, we love it even more.
8. Baby Bell-bottoms

Think of a special way to dazzle in the streets by wearing an outfit that evokes nostalgia. By just wearing baby bell-bottoms teamed with a light-hued t-shirt and layered with a well-fitted jacket, you’ll instantly have a street style princess look. It has a touch of timeless fashion, elegance and effortlessness.

9. Sheath Dresses

These days, sheath dresses are immensely popular. The runway queens showed off classy sheath dresses in style. It’s a fantastic way to look demure yet stylish.

10. Layered Tulle Dresses

Everything is pretty when there’s a bit of tulle in beautiful shades of yellow, pink, purple and blue. The recent Burberry catwalk show has a line of gorgeous tulle dresses. Our favorite model Suki Waterhouse sashayed in the runway in a pretty layered tulle dress.