Sea Adventure by Fantasy at the Halls of Manila Ocean Park

There are many amazing places in the metro that can give you unspoiled thrill treat for hours. Take for instance the Manila Ocean Park. Our first visit was memorable and way beyond awesome because of the amazing sights all over the place. Even if we only had complimentary tickets at that time, the experience is still totally superb.

From Imus City to Manila, we traveled by riding a bus. Obviously, many people choose to avail a car rental Philippines service offers in going to Manila Ocean Park, especially if it is a group trip. And since I only traveled with my husband, riding the bus is the perfect jaunt. We arrived in Manila before noontime.

In the Oceanarium, it's like you're in a real ocean, surrounded by amazing sea creatures and colorful coral reefs. As with the seabed, it's like you can see it up close and personal.

Our arrival in Manila Ocean Park was also memorable because of the outrageous decoration around the area. The Christmas season created a festive vibe in the park with all the huge Christmas tree and lanterns placed in strategic corners. There’s no reason to feel bored and out-of-place, anyway.

As we finally entered the hosts of underwater themed showrooms, I was enthralled by its beauty. From shallow to deep sea creatures to the emerging huge ocean dwellers, all are covered in the park. You’ll never miss any small detail therein.

Obviously, I stayed long in the display area of colorful coral reefs matched with multi-hued fishes swimming all around it. You won’t get lost because it has names of the creatures, too. I feel nostalgic since I finally saw again the well-known fish in our hometown, the green-hued labayan that we usually cook based on a paksiw recipe. It feels like I’m in our small town chasing small fishes and collecting seashells for dinner.

By the time we reached the display area that has outrageously huge fishes, I’m already gasping in awe. I admired the beauty of sleeping whales. The huge aquarium has amazing sea creatures that I've never seen before. That’s the time I stopped taking pictures and just enjoyed the exhibit.

We had a wonderful time in the park. It was an unforgettable Christmas outing I’d ever experience – aside from fact that we enjoyed free passes to enjoy roaming around the park. By the way, the Aquatica Musical Fountain Show is entertaining. 

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