How to Style Fancy Clothes You Wear to Church

Do you like wearing clothes for a Sunday activity? If you like going to church by wearing your best dress, what's your preferred style? We're in for a roll call of the lovely ladies out there who love to strut their Sunday attire to attend church meetings in a modest way. Are you in?

Before I prepared this post, I searched the meaning of the word "fancy." It means something that is elaborate in structure or decoration. It applies to styling, too.

It's a good thing I scored a chic black Zara sleeveless, knee-length dress while shopping in thrift stores two weeks ago.

Every time I prepare clothes for Sunday meeting, I think about one question. Does God care what I wear to church? Maybe, others think about this concern too. And since He expects me to dress modestly for Sunday meetings, I always follow the dress standard properly. It's very difficult, I know. But it is not impossible to do it every weekend.

Here's how.

Zara Women - my inspiration for this post.
Think of an inspiring outfit. Don't hesitate to search for inspiring outfits in the Internet. It doesn't matter if it's street style or urban look as long as it appeals to you. Or you can roam around the streets to find gorgeous ladies wearing chic clothes. You'll never know you can spot a perfect inspiration in a minute or two.

Choose a theme or a style guide. After you have found an inspiration, think of an appropriate style that will match what you have seen earlier. For example, choose a black and white theme if you have spotted a similar inspiring style. Then, make sure that you have available black and white clothing pieces in your closet. Enjoy your job to mix and match the items properly. As for your accessories, choose colorful items that will enhance your look.

Prepare different kinds of skirts and blouses in your closet. Why is it necessary to prepare different kinds of blouses and skirts? It's easy to style your Sunday ensembles if you have the best stocks at home. Personally, I collect colorful blouses and skirts during shopping days. I prefer scanning the local thrift stores to avoid ruining my budget. 

Collect stylish dresses. I also collect stylish dresses while shopping. I have sleeveless knee-length dresses, shift dresses in different colors and pieces that are created based on my designs. I use a lovely cardigan or a dark-hued blazer to cover a sleeveless dress.

Find a tailor. For so many days, I worked with seamstresses in tailoring shops to finish my clothes before Sunday. It feels good to wear a modest clothing item that is created only for you. If I have found gorgeous items in thrift stores that need repair, I go directly to my favorite tailoring shop. I can also get a discount because I'm a frequent customer. Think about being a fashion lover. Haha!

Arrange a quick wardrobe planning with your friends. If you feel bored with your clothes, connect with others! Before Sundays, ask your friends for a theme so that it's easy to style fancy clothes that you wear to church. We had planned wearing all white ensembles, color blocking, geometric patterns, monochrome and vintage style before. It was fun!

All in all, just be creative in styling your modest pieces. Don't forget to organize your footwear so that it is easy to come up with a perfect outfit for Sunday gatherings.

What is your favorite theme for Sunday's Best outfit? Let's talk about it in the comments section.