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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The perfect dress code for a girl that’s easily bored – like me – is color block clothing. If you’re a lover of bold, lovely and attractive colors, the color blocking technique is for you. Aside from the freedom to mix and match colors, there’s no one to blame you for integrating outrageous and alarming hues in one dress.

Color blocking is a way of wearing multiple solid and vibrant colors in an attire. With a palette of two or more colors, you'll end up looking chic and gorgeous. Just avoid prints and patterns in your outfit to stay on the color blocking track.

We know that color block outfits eliminate boredom in dressing up. There are days when we feel not at ease with classic shades of deep blue, white, black and other similar shades so we end up scrambling for vibrant attire. That’s the time we turn to love color block ensembles!

The optimistic vibe of combined shades of pink, lavender, orange, green and other happy colors is absolutely pleasing to the eyes.

Sandra Bullock dazzled for the photo call of her 2013 movie, Gravity, in Italy.

To help me find a frock that’s multi-colored, I searched for an inspiration online. I found a chic photo of Sandra Bullock wearing a pink, green and orange color block dress by Alex Perry that’s perfect for the red carpet. I really like the combination of different hues that can transform a day from dreary to cheery because of the perfect mixture of adorable colors.

The available fabric for the chosen style is peach twill so I searched for it in the local shopping district. For less than $4, I already prepared a set of linen for the dress. The service fee of the tailor is $5 so I shelled out a total of $9 to have the dress.

Do you like inspiring outfits from your favorite celebrities? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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