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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Every person who loves to travel chooses a better way to reach a chosen destination. If you travel in a luxurious manner, you’ll choose a plane ride even if reaching your destination can be done by land. On the other hand, more adventurous backpackers join others through vehicle rental arrangements such as Philippines Car Rentals services for added audacity.  And since we’re traveling to Malate, Manila to attend a cocktail party hosted by our friends in Pan Pacific Manila, we needed a comfortable ride to the metro.

Personally, I prefer land trip for as long as the travel doesn't take more than three hours on the road. No wonder we chose riding a bus as we visit one of my favorite fine dining places – the Pacific Lounge at Level 21 of Pan Pacific Manila.

The cocktail area of Pan Pacific otherwise known as the Pacific Lounge is aesthetically gorgeous. The design of the dining hall is a mixture of classic elegance with a modern vibe since the available kitchenware is obviously up to date. It’s designed for those who love comfort, vibrancy and exquisite dining experience. The cuisine type is international – perfect for food lovers – and it is one of the best places for an afternoon chat with your family and friends.

With fellow bloggers, I had a chance to attend a cocktail party at Pan Pacific Manila. Because of sheer delight, I opted for a solo photograph near the piano. The music, food and people around me are so inspiring that time. The rooftop garden with a beautiful gazebo is one of its fascinations that you’ll surely find charming.

Take a cue from the photos in this post to experience rare urban opulence at the Pan Pacific dining hall. Don’t worry. You’ll experience great customer service, amazing view and tasteful set of choices that are presented in a delightful manner. 

Contact Pan Pacific Manila via Telephone number +63 2 318 0788 or email for more details.

Have you tried dining at Pan Pacific Manila lately? What are your thoughts? Let’s talk about in the comments below.



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