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Cara Delevingne looks eternally fabulous at Saint Laurent Show in Paris

The stage of the fashion world rocks unsteadily if Cara Delevingne is the supermodel at work. She's one of our favorite supermodels who has captured the hearts of style enthusiasts from across the globe.

Cara continues to rock the world of fashion these days. She sizzled at the fashion show for Givenchy on Sunday in time for Paris Fashion Week.

The 22-year-old model showed off her usual gorgeous features, striking model look and stylish outfits. She wore a layered white crochet mini dress which had a crossover detail at the neckline for the runway show. Cara completed her look with a pair of leather over-the-knee boots. If you're keen to copy her style, think about the combination of androgynous and romantic creations.

To give more emphasis on her soaring modeling career, she sashayed on the runway with aplomb for the Saint Laurent fashion show in Paris. The supermodel looked stunning in a highly elegant ensemble.

Images | Daily Mail

This time, she showcased an eccentric military vibe by wearing a red military jacket worn over a black sequin top and a leopard print mini skirt. She mixed it with edgy style by wearing a fedora hat. She finished it off with a pair of metallic sky high platforms in gold or baby blue and wore a black and white scarf around her neck.

What is your favorite look of Cara Delevingne for Paris Fashion Week? Let's talk about it in the comments below.

Enjoying the Beauty of The Sierra Madre Resort

If there's a plan for a road trip, I get excited about it. So when I joined a trip to The Sierra Madre Resort, I was really happy preparing my things.

There is no reason to get bored along the way to The Sierra Madre Resort. Although it’s a long trip, we had fun. We traveled with many excited participants for a Youth Conference activity attended by young men and women who are 12-18 years old. On our way there, we enjoyed the beautiful things to see and the beauty of nature. Since the organizers rented a bus for the three-day event, it’s so easy to enjoy the road trip.

To give you a glimpse of my travel experiences, let me discuss some major points of our trip.

The Beauty of Nature

From the urban beauty of the metropolis to the alluring nature of Rizal, everything is blissful during our travel. We marveled at the beauty of hills and mountains, including a narrow valley full of trees and green vegetation. The sky is blue so it created a perfect setting for the amazing view.

Upon reaching the resort, we immediately searched for quarters assigned to our group and studied the line up of activities that the organizers prepared for us.

The Sierra Madre Resort

The Greek-themed resort is clean and well-maintained. Our quarters are similar with the set up of the houses in Santorini, Greece. The building is set on top of a hill, overlooking the swimming pool area.

Since the resort is nestled in a valley, where the main entrance is located on a higher ground, the whole area is absolutely gorgeous. For those who want to enjoy hiking, a spring valley is also available for the guests. It’s located near a deep ravine and has plenty of swimming pools. 

On our way there, we saw two ponies and colorful birds. They’re present in the area where a zip line facility is located. Obviously, the visitors will enjoy the place because of the scenic beauty of nature and the well-manicured garden near the swimming pool area.

Every afternoon, fog starts to form all around the place so you’ll feel like you’re in a cool place. For me, it’s a romantic place.

The Amazing Activities

One of my favorite activities is the preparation of vegetable salad. I was impressed with the results, especially the willingness of the participants to follow the instructions very carefully.

Another unforgettable activity is the sewing lessons. Each one is given a sewing kit and submitted a finished product to the facilitator. I had a chance to help the facilitator and encourage some participants to learn basic sewing method. 

About Food and Drinks

I didn’t enjoy the food prepared by the hotel staff for all the participants. I don’t know with the others. But for me, it wasn’t awesome. However, I like their breakfast menu. Since it’s a mountainous area, I advise you to bring your own packed foods to enjoy your meals. The hotel management serve delicious snacks and drinks though, so it’s not a challenge to find something to munch and drink while in the resort.

All in all, I had no regrets in traveling to The Sierra Madre Resort to attend the activity as a youth leader.

The 10 Most Popular Trends of 2015

The mixture of gorgeous trends in the runway reminds me of the perfect harmony of nature – where not a thing is out of place. From the edgy twist of the fringe style to the beauty of geometric patterns, there’s no reason to love the big trends that are visible nowadays. And since we want to embrace the other stunning ensembles for next year, we selected ten of the most popular fashionable outfits of 2015 for you.

1. Scalloped Skirt

You’ll never skip wearing a dress with scalloped skirt because of obvious reasons – it’s absolutely stylish, chic and edgy. When Karlie Kloss dazzled in the runway to model the creations of Oscar De La Renta wearing a green frock with scalloped edges detail, we immediately thought of a similar design that will match our individual style.

2. Fringe Style

The emergence of tasselled fashion pieces rules the runway these days. The benefits of wearing fringe outfits are varied – from looking chic to trendy – and isn’t boring.

3. Ruffled

One of our favorite fashion items are ruffled dresses, blouses and skirts. The main idea is to show off quirky ensembles in an elegant way. It’s also perfect for showing off an ethereal look with a cool twist.

4. Floral Dresses

Floral dresses are not just for summer – they’re also meant to emphasize one’s unique style. Well, it’s a common outfit for ladies but you can wear big floral dresses for a change.

5. Plaid Beauty

The perfect comeback of gingham trend is exciting. For inspiring attire, choose well-designed pieces to show off an enviable personality. The best way is to wear fitted plaid clothing for added flair. Or maybe, choose a pleated frock for an instant seasonal update. The result is absolutely alluring!

6. Big Belts

The Judo-looking belts are rushing in the world of fashion. Will you try it? Many stylish fashion lovers use big belts in standard colors such as black, deep blue and dark green.

7. Stripes

We love the beauty of graphic strokes and colored stripes. Every girl with a sense of style knows that striped clothing items are alternatives to a monochromatic look. It can transform a day from dreary to happy because of the delicate strokes and colored lines put together in a pleasant way. Since the latest Topshop unique fashion show headlined by Cara Delevingne, the face of the popular label, showed off amazing models in stripes, we love it even more.
8. Baby Bell-bottoms

Think of a special way to dazzle in the streets by wearing an outfit that evokes nostalgia. By just wearing baby bell-bottoms teamed with a light-hued t-shirt and layered with a well-fitted jacket, you’ll instantly have a street style princess look. It has a touch of timeless fashion, elegance and effortlessness.

9. Sheath Dresses

These days, sheath dresses are immensely popular. The runway queens showed off classy sheath dresses in style. It’s a fantastic way to look demure yet stylish.

10. Layered Tulle Dresses

Everything is pretty when there’s a bit of tulle in beautiful shades of yellow, pink, purple and blue. The recent Burberry catwalk show has a line of gorgeous tulle dresses. Our favorite model Suki Waterhouse sashayed in the runway in a pretty layered tulle dress.

Quick Tips on Filipino Festivals

Our love of Filipino festivals is noticeable as we look forward to participate in many exciting activities carefully planned and arranged by the organizers. It has been part of our tradition that ignited the spirit of merrymaking and close family ties.

Every time we visit our relatives and friends during festivals, we usually plan the trip ahead of time. We book our tickets a month before the scheduled travel. Or we talk to Orange Cars Philippines for available vehicles for rent. After that, we prepare our luggage and pocket money for full travel preparation.

Here are things to remember in attending festivals. Are you ready? Let’s talk about it one by one.

Arrange for accommodation. It’s challenging to find accommodation during festivals. No wonder it is necessary to call in advance to book your hotel early. If you’re planning to travel by group, make sure to take account of the total numbers of people to stay with you in a hotel.

Prepare for travel discomfort. If ever you can’t handle the bumpy ride while on the road, prepare for travel discomfort. One of the most effective ways to do so is take an anti-dizziness tablet an hour before your departure.

Have someone to chat up with the driver. We know that long trip on the road is a perfect opportunity to sleep lightly. However, don’t forget to assign someone to chat up with the driver. The goal is to make sure that the driver stays wide awake while driving. We want to avoid road mishap by doing it.

Choose comfortable clothing. There are many outdoor activities during festivals so it is essential to wear comfortable clothing. Choose a pair of comfortable footwear for the trip. Don’t forget to bring extra t-shirts.

Guard your baggage. Be vigilant of your belongings. To avoid lost baggage, keep an eye of your stuff. Bring only necessary things. Don’t show off your gadgets and other valuables while participating in the event.

How many Filipino festivals have you attended lately? Do you have some tips to include in the list? Let us know in the comments section.

Karlie Kloss Sizzles at New York Fashion Week 2014 for Oscar De La Renta Runway Show

Karlie Kloss takes a charming cue for a more fabulous style at New York Fashion Week 2014 at the runway show to showcase the designs of Oscar De La Renta. The famed model sashayed down the runway to show off one of the gorgeous creations for the SS15 collection of the fashion designer.

The 22-year-old stunner leads the fashion pack in the ramp that has a garden theme by wearing a white and green strapless gown that featured an asymmetric hem at the front. The fabulous creation was decorated with appliquéd leaves and striking white flowers. She highlighted the gown with a pair of green sandals, adorned with leaf detail.

Karlie looked sweet in her sleek hairstyle and statement earrings that emphasized her attire. The trendy makeup of the popular model matched with her elegant look.

After the show, Karlie posed with Oscar De La Renta himself together with fellow model Daria Strokous. The latter is equally gorgeous with a sleeveless green and pink frock with a skirt that has a touch of mermaid cut.

Do you like Karlie’s latest look? Let us know in the comments section.

Sea Adventure by Fantasy at the Halls of Manila Ocean Park

There are many amazing places in the metro that can give you unspoiled thrill treat for hours. Take for instance the Manila Ocean Park. Our first visit was memorable and way beyond awesome because of the amazing sights all over the place. Even if we only had complimentary tickets at that time, the experience is still totally superb.

From Imus City to Manila, we traveled by riding a bus. Obviously, many people choose to avail a car rental Philippines service offers in going to Manila Ocean Park, especially if it is a group trip. And since I only traveled with my husband, riding the bus is the perfect jaunt. We arrived in Manila before noontime.

In the Oceanarium, it's like you're in a real ocean, surrounded by amazing sea creatures and colorful coral reefs. As with the seabed, it's like you can see it up close and personal.

Our arrival in Manila Ocean Park was also memorable because of the outrageous decoration around the area. The Christmas season created a festive vibe in the park with all the huge Christmas tree and lanterns placed in strategic corners. There’s no reason to feel bored and out-of-place, anyway.

As we finally entered the hosts of underwater themed showrooms, I was enthralled by its beauty. From shallow to deep sea creatures to the emerging huge ocean dwellers, all are covered in the park. You’ll never miss any small detail therein.

Obviously, I stayed long in the display area of colorful coral reefs matched with multi-hued fishes swimming all around it. You won’t get lost because it has names of the creatures, too. I feel nostalgic since I finally saw again the well-known fish in our hometown, the green-hued labayan that we usually cook based on a paksiw recipe. It feels like I’m in our small town chasing small fishes and collecting seashells for dinner.

By the time we reached the display area that has outrageously huge fishes, I’m already gasping in awe. I admired the beauty of sleeping whales. The huge aquarium has amazing sea creatures that I've never seen before. That’s the time I stopped taking pictures and just enjoyed the exhibit.

We had a wonderful time in the park. It was an unforgettable Christmas outing I’d ever experience – aside from fact that we enjoyed free passes to enjoy roaming around the park. By the way, the Aquatica Musical Fountain Show is entertaining. 

Have you been to Manila Ocean Park? Share your experiences here! We’d love to hear from you.

Experience Urban Opulence in the Posh Pacific Lounge at Pan Pacific Manila

Every person who loves to travel chooses a better way to reach a chosen destination. If you travel in a luxurious manner, you’ll choose a plane ride even if reaching your destination can be done by land. On the other hand, more adventurous backpackers join others through vehicle rental arrangements such as Philippines Car Rentals services for added audacity.  And since we’re traveling to Malate, Manila to attend a cocktail party hosted by our friends in Pan Pacific Manila, we needed a comfortable ride to the metro.

Personally, I prefer land trip for as long as the travel doesn't take more than three hours on the road. No wonder we chose riding a bus as we visit one of my favorite fine dining places – the Pacific Lounge at Level 21 of Pan Pacific Manila.

The cocktail area of Pan Pacific otherwise known as the Pacific Lounge is aesthetically gorgeous. The design of the dining hall is a mixture of classic elegance with a modern vibe since the available kitchenware is obviously up to date. It’s designed for those who love comfort, vibrancy and exquisite dining experience. The cuisine type is international – perfect for food lovers – and it is one of the best places for an afternoon chat with your family and friends.

With fellow bloggers, I had a chance to attend a cocktail party at Pan Pacific Manila. Because of sheer delight, I opted for a solo photograph near the piano. The music, food and people around me are so inspiring that time. The rooftop garden with a beautiful gazebo is one of its fascinations that you’ll surely find charming.

Take a cue from the photos in this post to experience rare urban opulence at the Pan Pacific dining hall. Don’t worry. You’ll experience great customer service, amazing view and tasteful set of choices that are presented in a delightful manner. 

Contact Pan Pacific Manila via Telephone number +63 2 318 0788 or email fb.ppmnl@panpacific.com for more details.

Have you tried dining at Pan Pacific Manila lately? What are your thoughts? Let’s talk about in the comments below.

Fashion Inspiration Featuring Color Blocking Style

The perfect dress code for a girl that’s easily bored – like me – is color block clothing. If you’re a lover of bold, lovely and attractive colors, the color blocking technique is for you. Aside from the freedom to mix and match colors, there’s no one to blame you for integrating outrageous and alarming hues in one dress.

Color blocking is a way of wearing multiple solid and vibrant colors in an attire. With a palette of two or more colors, you'll end up looking chic and gorgeous. Just avoid prints and patterns in your outfit to stay on the color blocking track.

We know that color block outfits eliminate boredom in dressing up. There are days when we feel not at ease with classic shades of deep blue, white, black and other similar shades so we end up scrambling for vibrant attire. That’s the time we turn to love color block ensembles!

The optimistic vibe of combined shades of pink, lavender, orange, green and other happy colors is absolutely pleasing to the eyes.

Sandra Bullock dazzled for the photo call of her 2013 movie, Gravity, in Italy.

To help me find a frock that’s multi-colored, I searched for an inspiration online. I found a chic photo of Sandra Bullock wearing a pink, green and orange color block dress by Alex Perry that’s perfect for the red carpet. I really like the combination of different hues that can transform a day from dreary to cheery because of the perfect mixture of adorable colors.

The available fabric for the chosen style is peach twill so I searched for it in the local shopping district. For less than $4, I already prepared a set of linen for the dress. The service fee of the tailor is $5 so I shelled out a total of $9 to have the dress.

Do you like inspiring outfits from your favorite celebrities? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

How to Style Fancy Clothes You Wear to Church

Do you like wearing clothes for a Sunday activity? If you like going to church by wearing your best dress, what's your preferred style? We're in for a roll call of the lovely ladies out there who love to strut their Sunday attire to attend church meetings in a modest way. Are you in?

Before I prepared this post, I searched the meaning of the word "fancy." It means something that is elaborate in structure or decoration. It applies to styling, too.

It's a good thing I scored a chic black Zara sleeveless, knee-length dress while shopping in thrift stores two weeks ago.

Every time I prepare clothes for Sunday meeting, I think about one question. Does God care what I wear to church? Maybe, others think about this concern too. And since He expects me to dress modestly for Sunday meetings, I always follow the dress standard properly. It's very difficult, I know. But it is not impossible to do it every weekend.

Here's how.

Zara Women - my inspiration for this post.
Think of an inspiring outfit. Don't hesitate to search for inspiring outfits in the Internet. It doesn't matter if it's street style or urban look as long as it appeals to you. Or you can roam around the streets to find gorgeous ladies wearing chic clothes. You'll never know you can spot a perfect inspiration in a minute or two.

Choose a theme or a style guide. After you have found an inspiration, think of an appropriate style that will match what you have seen earlier. For example, choose a black and white theme if you have spotted a similar inspiring style. Then, make sure that you have available black and white clothing pieces in your closet. Enjoy your job to mix and match the items properly. As for your accessories, choose colorful items that will enhance your look.

Prepare different kinds of skirts and blouses in your closet. Why is it necessary to prepare different kinds of blouses and skirts? It's easy to style your Sunday ensembles if you have the best stocks at home. Personally, I collect colorful blouses and skirts during shopping days. I prefer scanning the local thrift stores to avoid ruining my budget. 

Collect stylish dresses. I also collect stylish dresses while shopping. I have sleeveless knee-length dresses, shift dresses in different colors and pieces that are created based on my designs. I use a lovely cardigan or a dark-hued blazer to cover a sleeveless dress.

Find a tailor. For so many days, I worked with seamstresses in tailoring shops to finish my clothes before Sunday. It feels good to wear a modest clothing item that is created only for you. If I have found gorgeous items in thrift stores that need repair, I go directly to my favorite tailoring shop. I can also get a discount because I'm a frequent customer. Think about being a fashion lover. Haha!

Arrange a quick wardrobe planning with your friends. If you feel bored with your clothes, connect with others! Before Sundays, ask your friends for a theme so that it's easy to style fancy clothes that you wear to church. We had planned wearing all white ensembles, color blocking, geometric patterns, monochrome and vintage style before. It was fun!

All in all, just be creative in styling your modest pieces. Don't forget to organize your footwear so that it is easy to come up with a perfect outfit for Sunday gatherings.

What is your favorite theme for Sunday's Best outfit? Let's talk about it in the comments section.

Why I Blog about Modest Style

The following post is about my style - it's just really me - and I don't discourage you from wearing non-modest clothes. After all, we are all free to share our style depending on our culture, right?

I rarely post non-modest ensembles. Maybe, you want to know the reasons. Now, you're lucky because I'll finally lay down why I like modest fashion.

I'm a latter-day saint (Mormon) and I choose to dress this way.

As part of the religious organization for almost 10 years, I've already shown modest style with aplomb. At first, I find it hard to handle, especially finding appropriate pieces. Later on, I began exploring the world of modest clothing scene and it inspired me to the maximum level.

I like stylish, long skirts and dainty-looking blouses.

I find it fabulous to wear modest clothing pieces.

Everyday in my life, I wear modest fashion items. I don't wear short shorts, sleeveless blouse, mini skirts and other similar items. I want to tell you that I really want to wear those pieces (perhaps, for the sake of fashion blogging) (haha!), but I chose not to do so. As a result, I became very creative in showing off simple outfits yet with amazing style.

It's easy to show off modest style.

Honestly, I am not comfortable wearing skimpy attire, including too revealing outfits. No wonder I find it easy to handle modest style. For street style, I don't have to worry because my clothes are comfortable.

I'm not comfortable sharing more of myself and be pretentious. 

I don't want to pretend that I can handle a mini skirt and sleeveless blouse ensemble. I don't want to pretend that I'll be happy wearing short shorts. 

Many fashion writers claim that modest fashion pieces are trendy right now. I was ecstatic about this news because I have several inspiring ideas in mind.

Do you like modest style? Let me know your comments below.

Experience a Taste of Cavite by Getting to Know its Enticing Cuisine

Describe in one word the taste of our food products – this is the primary request of the person who invited us to attend an event that presents many dishes from different restaurants in Cavite province.

I gave a hint to let me savor it first, and give my comments later, but the tantalizing smell and innovative presentation of each menu prodded me to say a word – inviting.

For a deeper meaning of what I said - it’s enticing!

By the time I tasted the first entrée, other guests were already treated with Cavite Express of Cavite Republic Restaurant. So I headed to their table for another scoop of delicious dish that is made of creamy coconut milk with savory taste of chilli and seafood. In my early days of blogging, the same restaurant invited us for a food tasting activity that allowed us to appreciate the marriage of delectable cuisine and history. After all, the province of Cavite is a historic location, right?

But my favorite snack from Cavite Republic Restaurant is Lihim ni Lola, because it’s mystifying and tasty. Have you experienced eating a delicacy that’s one-of-a-kind? It’s very inspiring, I must say.

I was enamored with Pansit Negra of Chefoo Restaurant for I love eating seafood, especially pusit. The color isn’t cool, I know, but the taste is definitely delicious. No wonder the dish has been featured in television shows so many times.

But if you are craving for a creamy seafood soup meal, the Mutya ng Cavite of Servandos Restaurant is for you. It’s splattered with tasty seashells and other seafood delight. 

The longganisa from Imus was appetizing. It was well-prepared, too. I also tried eating the Grilled Pork Spareribs, because I really like grilled pork with an appetizing sauce and side dish.

All other dishes are delicious. The food invasion adventure has captured my attention – especially in fine dining and diverse cuisine. And since I still have to visit again the participating restaurants of the said event, I’m craving for more servings of food products from Cavite, especially signature dishes that marked its popularity in the food industry.

Indeed, it was an adventure. It was a food trip that’s unforgettable. Aside from tasting the delectable meals, I get to know other people and enjoy a visit in The Dining Room at The Gourmet Farms in Silang, Cavite. I wonder if it's possible for my family and friends to hold the same activity in a popular dining place and just enjoy a road trip in going there. After all, rent a car Philippines service is popular nowadays.

Do you have a memorable experience in dining at a Cavite restaurant? Let me know in the comments section.