Tom Cruise is Busy Filming Mission Impossible 5 at Vienna State Opera House in Austria

Tom Cruise - one of my favorite Hollywood stars - is still in the height of his acting career even until now. We loved him in his Top Gun days and liked his other popular movies such as The Last Samurai, Eyes Wide Shut, Jerry Maguire and more.

But we are bound to love him more, especially if you're an avid fan, because he's currently filming Mission Impossible 5 in Vienna, Austria. Of course, many followers of his famed character Ethan Hunt are expecting more stunts in the latest movie.

The former installments of the Mission Impossible film are action-packed and filmed in popular places around the world. At present, the action star is busy filming at the Vienna State Opera house in Austria.

In one photo, Tom was seen chatting with Swedish actress, Rebecca Ferguson, her co-star, while in the process of shooting some scenes.

For one particular film, Tom Cruise wore a fitting blue t-shirt and navy jeans. He teamed it with a pair of brown shoes and sunglasses.