The Soul of Music: Being in a Musical Group

The soul of music is music itself.

When I was a kid, my Aunt told me that I have a very bad singing voice. I felt bad because I love music. So I patiently trained my voice to achieve an acceptable status - that at least I can sing out loud while taking a shower.

Later on, I accepted the fact that I can't sing well. So I focused on my speaking voice. If it's not my singing voice, at least I have an audible, sweet voice that many aspiring disc jockeys want to project on air. I immersed myself in that industry. I observed disc jockeys, especially american dj lighting and spiels, through YouTube videos, including watching them in action in events. Later on, I got a chance to apply as a DJ by invitation, but was eventually rejected. At least, I tried.

Now that I'm completely free from the discouraging words by others, I kept on loving music in any way possible. I'm a total go-and-get-it girl and my attitude is so different because I do persist on things.

Karen (hands clasped), Aisie, Irish, Bella and Sarah

Then, I participated in musical group presentations for a change. I can't sing alone because I'm too shy. But at least, I can sing with others by participating in a choral group.

Last year, we had an awesome rendition of I Stand All Amazed and this year, we performed All is Well with aplomb. We had stylish uniforms too.

It was a fun experience and I'll never forget it.