Splash Mountain in Laguna

I’m a certified traveller. I kept on visiting new places with my husband. It’s a way for me to thank nature for such wonder that every traveller held in view – just like the magnificent Laguna de Bay.

We visited Splash Mountain twice. On our first visit, we experienced sleeping in one of their rooms. The two-storey building has spacious rooms for the guests. We slept there for a night. We transferred to another room the next day. It’s located near the Laguna de Bay so we experienced natural cool air.

The swimming pools are well-designed and located at the center of the resort. It’s just a small place so you can practically see everything the resort has to offer. The food is delicious too.

 The hotel staff is very organized in performing their tasks. On our last day in the hotel, we requested for another room and they allowed us to transfer for the third time. I had a bad dream in one of their rooms and my husband felt different too. Luckily, there are only few guests at that time. We found another room for the night.

There are awesome places to visit if you’re in the mood for roaming around the city. We decided to visit UP Los Banos grounds, the Robinsons Mall and the supermarket. At that time, using cellophanes are no longer allowed in the area. It’s a good thing we brought small bags.