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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The best way to enhance one’s style is to follow the cycles of fashion. It’s necessary to adapt to changes. For years, my style evolves from simple to urbane mode. Before I started writing about fashion, anything goes for me. I didn’t have a list of style themes to follow. When I started my fashion site, I became acquainted with style ideas. From there, I updated my look.

When it comes to choices of footwear, I do it by color, design and price. I’m a budget savvy fashion enthusiast so there’s no doubt I’ll choose to shop in thrift stores most of the time. But I also choose branded items once in a while.

One of my favorite shoe line is Parisian by SM. I started with their basic line of shoes – the simple heels with comfortable design.

I bought Parisian Basic purple and brown heels two years ago. Let me share with you my thoughts about it.

1. It goes with any outfit that has shades of violet.

I wore the pair of heels during a fashion show organized by a local government unit for the celebration of the Family Week last year. It was very useful. One of the models borrowed it for ease of walking in the runway.

2. It is very functional.

Until now, I’m still using the product. It doesn’t easily wear out. The pair of heels is notably durable and sturdy. For two years, it’s still one of my favorite pairs of heeled shoes.

3. The heels are not too high. It’s just perfect for me.

I rarely wear towering heels. No wonder I like my pair of Parisian Basic because the height of the heels is perfect for me.

4. It is very comfy and well-designed.

If you step on the shoes, you’ll have a secured feeling. It’s made of sturdy yet soft materials.

5. Parisian Basic by SM footwear is stylish.

The colors have contrasting effect – brown and purple – so it’s very fashionable. It goes well with my skin tone stockings, too.

If I’m going to buy more sophisticated shoes from SM, I’m sure I’ll like it. The simple ones are already notable. Soon, I’ll buy edgy heels from their new line of shoe designs.


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