My Life in Imus City

One of the most important decisions in my life is to move early in Imus on August 10, 2010. It was a tiresome day because we need to bring all of our things for the trip. At that time, Cavite province is progressive in terms of industrialization and economy.

On February 28, 2012, I left the place for a new beginning. My husband and I decided to move again to another place.

I left with a commitment that I’ll take my chances to improve our lives – just like the bustling community of The Istana subdivision. At that time, Imus is already a city of Cavite province.

Did I like what I experienced in Imus City? Yes. It was a roller-coaster-ride kind of living but I love it.

 Here are the main reasons why I liked my lifestyle in the newly-constituted city.

I had a chance to see the beauty of nature. Tagaytay City is just a few minutes ride from our place so it was easy to visit the tourist spot.

I had a wonderful lifestyle. I learned to eat bangus and tilapia during meals, and later on, I fell in love with it. For me, such lifestyle is new. I was raised in a small town with other kinds of fishes for food so just understand me. 

I had witnessed magnificent productions for television and the movies. Cavite is one of the popular places for such events. Remember the first few shooting days of Ina, Kapatid, Anak Book 2 held in Anabu Kostal Public Market? It was so memorable.

I’ve tasted delectable cuisine in Imus City, Cavite. I met the president of Leentech Network System and introduced me to the owners and managers of Town’s Delight restaurant, Cavite Republic, Juan Carlo The Caterer, Mount Sea Resort and Watercamp Resort in Cavite and other fine dining and resorts. As a result, I’ve tried their menu for my blogging journey. It was awesome! I’m so grateful for every bit of experience that I had at that time.

I gained new friends. Through the church organization, I met new people and visited new places. Through them, I learned many things.

 I visited many newly-developed subdivisions. When we arrived in Cavite, rent to own houses are already very popular. It was inspiring!

Imus City is a historical place. So I discovered amazing places that are things of the past and part of the historical heritage of the place. There are malls and supermarkets built around and within the area. Many satellite offices of government offices are installed in malls. It’s so convenient for all of us.


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