From A to Z Tips of Good Grooming

Always aim at being as presentable as you can make yourself. And then it will never matter whom you meet.

Backview is so often neglected. But it is almost as important as the front view. Check with two mirrors, so you can see how your hair-do looks at the back. A wardrobe mirror plus hand-mirror will help you check for posture faults, too.

Cleansing is important to a fresh, glowing skin. Remember that the most expensive makeup in the world will do nothing for skin that has a tired, dingy look because pores are clogged with the residue of stale cosmetics.

Dandruff is synonymous to dry scalp. Treat this with conditioners and use a shampoo especially for dry hair. Don’t keep your hair dryer on high “too” long.

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Eyebrows count more than you think in the general impression of your looks. If they’re irregular, maintain them with gentle plucking from underneath only. If necessary, define them with eyebrow cream in a suitable color. Eyebrows look best when they match the hair, or are just a shade or two darker.

Feet should be as smooth-skinned and as blemish-free as possible. Use hand cream or foot balm on dry skin under soles and, of course, wash feet everyday, then dust them with talc.

Gloss is vital to hair and lips. Conditioners will help to put a gloss on dull hair and lip gloss will give a nice shine to a pretty mouth. 

Handbag is absolutely necessary for a well-groomed look. A stylish woman will always have a handbag. Caps of tubes and bottles should be carefully replaced so they do not leak. And, once a week, turn out the contents of your bag so that lipstick and powder marks can be sponged off the lining.

Illusion is worth trying. An astonishing number of quite ordinary looking women can give an illusion of striking good looks merely by being exceptionally well-groomed.

Jawline is often the part of the face that is forgotten when foundation is applied. Always carry it right underneath, blending into the throat, and make sure there is no color contrast between the throat and face.

Knowledge is essential to attain good looks. Every woman with a claim to being well-groomed knows what suits her, so her assurance is never shaken by wearing a wildly unsuitable hairstyle or makeup.

Lasting morning makeup is important. Cleverly applied, it should stay put for the rest of the day, except for renewal of lipstick and fluffing-on of loose powder.

Magnifying Mirrors are every woman’s best friend when it comes to good grooming. It is indispensable for painting the prettiest possible portrait with makeup. Show up, too, any tiny flaws which might need attention! 

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Nails should be kept clean with a nail-brush and in good shape with an emery-board. Ideally, nails should be grown to at least one-eighth of an inch beyond the finger tips, to do their job of protecting the nail-bed.

Organized – that is a well-groomed woman has to be. It takes time to be well-groomed but it’s possible to be so organized that it doesn’t take too much time. For instance, keep the cosmetics you’ll need in the morning all together. Buy a new supply of your favorite shampoo or night cream before you’ve used up the last speck.

Perfectionists score highly every time. It really pays to care for details, like matching your lips to your nails, wearing eye shadow the color of your dress, shampooing hair before it looks though it needs it.

Quandary is something which a well-groomed woman is, rarely in when an unexpected invitation comes along. She knows how to give her hair a quick dry-set if necessary (roller, hair-spray and ten minutes with the hair dryer), how to freshen up with a face mask and take away tired look (shiny eye shadow, not too deep in color, and a touch of blusher high on the cheekbones underneath the eyes plus the merest suspicion of it on forehead, too.

Rules are followed by well-groomed women delightedly. She knows the beauty rules of sensible eating, sufficient sleep, and the skin care routine (cleanse, tone and moisturize) to nourish the skin. And she keeps them faithfully.

 Scent is absolutely necessary to enhance an individual style. Well-groomed women takes trouble to discover which type of scent expresses her personality and makes her feel happy. She’ll start the day with a cologne version and carry a handbag size phial of the concentrated perfume.

Tissues are indispensable to the woman who cares about her appearance and is fastidious. She uses them for wiping off cleaning milk, when she’s painting her nails, for removing lipstick smudges.

Unruffled – is something that describes a woman with an impeccable sense of style. She always manages to create an image of serenity, however bet-up she really is.

Variety – is necessary for a stylish woman. She knows the value of how to achieve different hairstyles. And she likes to try new cosmetics occasionally.
Wisdom is essential for a stylish woman to shine in a crowd. She won’t do her face a certain way merely because it looks good on someone else, nor just because it happens to be fashionable. She will adapt a “current” look so that it suits her.

X is for the mysterious quality which a well-groomed woman adds to become a charmer. It is a compound of being a woman, grace, and adds interest in other people.

Youth is the ideal time to acquire the self discipline which is so essential for looks that last. But you can start at any stage.

Zeal is vital to any project and good grooming is no exception. The beauty drill may seem tiresome and a bore but it’s always well worthwhile.