Six Tips on Proper Hair Care

The basic adage of having a beautiful hair continues to haunt many people nowadays. For women, it has to be downright useful as they usually have longer tresses that need more time to manage. Since men struggles to maintain healthy looking hair, every effort counts. Luckily, we have gathered some tips on proper hair care.

1. Have a regular hair massage

These days, hair massage is highly recommended to stimulate hair growth. However, if you are losing hair, see a physician for possible medical help. Avoid self-styled “specialists” though; especially those who offer so-called wonder tonics or cures.

Many people believe that five minutes massage in the morning and another five minutes massage in the evening reduce hair thinning. Aside from that, it stimulates the hair follicles. 

As a way to relax, try kneading and rubbing your scalp now!

2. Daily hair brushing is essential

Let’s get this straight: twelve to 15 strokes daily is usually sufficient. We think that too much hair brushing may prove injurious, especially with brushes that pull the hair or scratch the scalp.

By the way, use the right product to avoid damage to your hair. If you have short, fine tresses, use a thinner brush.

3. Use hair sprays properly

Avoid excessive use of hair sprays. It may harm your tresses. If applied properly, it will help you in maintaining your hair to achieve a gorgeous and eye-catching style. Be sure to have regular shampoo applied on your hair to avoid dry-looking hair.

4. Wigs

Do you wear wigs? Don’t forget to have regular shampooing because it can increase scalp perspiration that may eventually damage your hair. After all, normal wig wearing is not injurious to the hair provided the wig is not too tight.

5. Cutting

Although trimming may beautify hair by removing damaged or split ends, cutting does not promote faster growth. Hair grows at the same rate regardless and the rate is largely a matter of heredity.

The Fashion Spot wrote seven compelling reasons to cut your hair short. Those who have round faces can benefit in a short hair cut.

6. Braiding

Tight or frequent braiding may pull at the hair roots and cause damage. Hair should not be left braided overnight, and rubber bands or tight clips should be avoided.

Even if we receive warnings about braiding, let's think positive. As long as we do it right, everything will be alright. Have you heard about the fishtail braid? It's exceptionally fabulous! So perfect for a Boho princess look.

Which of these tips that you really like? Let’s talk about it in the comments section.