Travel and Vacation Activities for the Family

We know that travel vacation is also meant to strengthen bond with family members. Parents are encouraged to have a trip with their kids once in a while. To have quality time with them, there should be meaningful activities while on the road. Here are some activities that you can do with them.

Have a memorable picnic

I’ve heard about a useful tip in going for a picnic. A day before the trip, prepare everything you need, including your task to marinate meat or seafood you plan to grill to set the taste. Don’t forget to bring hats and umbrella to avoid too much heat while on the picnic site.

Enjoy beach camping

If you want to try beach camping, prepare two weeks before the event. Let your kids know their tasks for the said activity. As an option, you can also organize a camping activity in a resort such as Watercamp Resort in Cavite. Prepare a checklist of all the things you need and an itinerary for the trip.

Organize a treasure hunting activity

We tried treasure hunting in one of our youth activities and it was really memorable. On one station, the participants need to eat vegetable salad to get the treasure. It was one of the highlights of the activity because many of them don’t like eating vegetables. Indeed, it was challenging!

Try hiking and tours

We know that hiking is one of the most exciting activities when you’re on vacation with your loved ones. Before the activity, make sure to buy hiking shoes for all the participants. Bring extra face towels, snacks and water.