How to Wear a Romper Suit Like a Style Queen

We know that talking about rompers dates back in the time when toddlers meant to wear the clothing piece. In 1900s, romper suits are used as play clothes for younger children. Fast forward in 2006, the suit became a fashionable garment for women. Many fashion designers joined the bandwagon in creating romper suits for fashionably chic ladies in the world of style and beauty.

How to wear a romper suit like a style queen? Let's take this question very seriously.

1. Many style trendsetters try to show off their enviable figure by wearing it. 

2. If you're hoping to showcase a feminine look, opt for towering heels that will match the color of the suit.

3. Don't forget to use accessories that will highlight your look, some pieces to harmonize the color of the outfit and your get-up.

4. Choose a sleek hairstyle to emphasize the versatile outfit.

5. If you want to wear it from day to night, don't forget to bring additional accessories to come up with a perfect transformation. 

If you want a perfect model for romper suit, check Jennifer Lopez's latest outfit at an American Idol 2014 episode. She wore a bright pink romper, which she paired with a sky-high brown heels. To complete the style, she accessorized with chic layered necklaces, belt and other shimmering pieces that highlighted her outfit.

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