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Circle Skirt and Coat Dress for Emma Stone

We love fashion because it is part of our daily lives. When we perform our tasks everyday, we tend to wear amazing outfits that are perfect for each role that we do. For example, we show off our flirty side when we are in love. If we are busy with work, we wear comfortable separates to showcase corporate chic attire.

circle skirt with red trim

What about our lady crush Emma Stone? Recently, she was spotted wearing trendy clothing pieces. On one occasion, she wore a circle skirt with red trim as she appeared on the show, Good Morning America. She completed the chic look with a pair of studded taupe heels and a gorgeous white blouse.

vintage-looking coat dress | daily mail photos

After a few days, she showed off a retro glam look as she stepped out in New York City. By wearing a coat dress, she rocked a vintage chic style in the streets of New York. With her beautiful top knot and killer heels, the 25-year-old beauty inspired many style enthusiasts across the globe.  

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Surgical Laser Training for Skin Care

For many years, women are excited with the latest skin care products and techniques. Obviously, skin care technology attracted several older women who want to look young and healthy. Although surgical laser treatment like lipolysis is no longer new in the skin care industry, it is still one of the most popular treatments nowadays. Because of its popularity, medical schools that offer surgical laser training programs became well-known.

Smart Lipo | Image

One of the most popular medical schools that offer surgical laser training is Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center. The institution is located in the UAE and offers amazing programs for physicians and allied health professionals. Lately, the school facilitated Laser Competence Certification Course for their students.

How To Prepare Your Skin for a Pool Party

There are many people who are preparing for a swimming adventure this summer. In many parts of the country, there are amazing Cavite resorts such as Watercamp Resort that provide a perfect venue for a pool party. However, it is necessary to follow some tips in preparing your skin before participating in a swimming party.

1. Exfoliate. Exfoliating will keep your skin from looking uneven, dry, and even leathery after you come home from outdoor swimming. Don't forget to prepare a reliable exfoliating product before getting exposed in the sun.

2. Moisturize. There are many reasons to moisturize your skin. First, it is important to keep the moisture of your skin. Second, it helps to minimize the damage by UV rays, which can cause premature aging and wrinkles.

3. Protect. Get sunscreen with at least SPF 30 protection. Remember, the higher the better.

4. Hair, lips and eyes protection. It is necessary to protect your lips, hair and eyes while swimming in the beach or in a swimming pool. Don't forget to apply moisturizer to your hair and cover it with a scarf. For your lips, dab sunscreen and moisturizer. By using shades with UV protection, you can protect your skin.

5. Rehydrate and moisturize. Drink a lot of water while enjoying your time under the sun. Again, use moisturizing lotion to ensure maximum skin protection.

With all these steps in preparing your skin before swimming, you'll enjoy summer with your loved ones. By the way, what are your travel plans?

How to Wear a Romper Suit Like a Style Queen

We know that talking about rompers dates back in the time when toddlers meant to wear the clothing piece. In 1900s, romper suits are used as play clothes for younger children. Fast forward in 2006, the suit became a fashionable garment for women. Many fashion designers joined the bandwagon in creating romper suits for fashionably chic ladies in the world of style and beauty.

How to wear a romper suit like a style queen? Let's take this question very seriously.

1. Many style trendsetters try to show off their enviable figure by wearing it. 

2. If you're hoping to showcase a feminine look, opt for towering heels that will match the color of the suit.

3. Don't forget to use accessories that will highlight your look, some pieces to harmonize the color of the outfit and your get-up.

4. Choose a sleek hairstyle to emphasize the versatile outfit.

5. If you want to wear it from day to night, don't forget to bring additional accessories to come up with a perfect transformation. 

If you want a perfect model for romper suit, check Jennifer Lopez's latest outfit at an American Idol 2014 episode. She wore a bright pink romper, which she paired with a sky-high brown heels. To complete the style, she accessorized with chic layered necklaces, belt and other shimmering pieces that highlighted her outfit.

Would you like to share some tips? Do you have other ideas? Let us know in the comments section.

Karlie Kloss Dazzles in a Red Tartan Look

For so many years, style enthusiasts are finding ways to show off red tartan getup in a special way. It is one of the stylish ensembles that remains tricky for many fashion lovers. Luckily, Karlie Kloss had shown the best way to wear red tartan clothing pieces.

Karlie Kloss | Daily Mail photo

Earlier this week, the 21-year-old model showcased a plaid, red tartan getup during a photo shoot. She was spotted wearing the classic outfit, which she paired with men's black socks and gold lace-up shoes. With her on-trend makeup, the unique style was remarkably emphasized in the fashion shoot.

In one photo, Karlie modeled the look with a huge black bag that highlighted her impressive style. She was also seen posing in front of the camera with her hands expertly placed in the pockets of her crimson-colored attire.