For the Love of Heidi Braids

Beauty is supposed to be a part of creative journey for style enthusiasts. Every girl should have a way to recreate looks and maintain versatility. After all, change is constant.

What do you want to change in your style? Maybe, you are thinking of wearing trendy outfits that are inspired with the gorgeous ensembles showed off by models in runway shows for Paris Fashion Week 2014. Or maybe, you're planning to wear "Heidi braid" for a change.

Otherwise known as goddess braid, the Heidi braid is very popular these days. It is also known as Milkmaid braids.

There are many celebrities who tried wearing Heidi braid for a chic style. My favorite is Taylor Swift's fabulous take on Heidi braids. Her braided crown hairstyle is different because it is done with her bangs.

Wait! I have another favorite girl who tried Heidi braids. Well, Jennifer Lawrence has done it, too. It's feminine-looking and trendy.

Here's how do it.

1. Prep your hair by applying a heat protecting spray.

2. Apply a hair product that will make your hair voluminous.

3. Use a blow dryer to dry your tresses and achieve a natural look.

4. Create a center part and then pull your hair back.

5. After gathering your hair on your nape, divide it into sections.

6. Then, braid each section. Don't forget to create loose braids to achieve an edgy and messy style.

7. Make sure to keep the braids closely knit to create a nice crown.

8. After that, cross the braids in opposite directions and then bring them up towards the crown of your head until they meet. Use hair pins to secure each braided section.

9. Loosen the braids out some more for a gorgeous street look.

10. Finish it off with spray to secure the tresses.

The hairstyle is perfect for keeping your hair out of your face. This is perfect for those who have long hair. For those who like a clean look, just don't loosen the braids out some more. It is also highly recommended to decorate it with flowers and hair accessories for a romantic look.