Thirteen Years of My Past: The Joy of Understanding Life

For the past five days, I was busy evaluating about my life and the things that really matter to me. I have dreams that remained stagnant. I have a past that wasn't buried. I still hate the people who betrayed me. What else? I am still procrastinating.  I have no idea where to start my new journey of entering the freedom zone of my life. I want to be free from the rat race. But I still have to fix this plan. However, I recently decided to be inspired and get everything done on time. Of course, this is also applicable to preserving valuable human relationships.

Facebook image about life

I have a friend that reminds me of my past. Usually, I am easily irritated with the slightest imperfection of my plans and activities. Now that I changed everything about me, I no longer see the negative side of life. For so many years, he reminded me to take it easy. Now that it's time for him to experience the nasty side of life, I reminded him of his advice from yesterday. Take it easy. Have faith. I wonder if he has given time to ponder about it.

Do you have a best friend? Tell me about your ideas of an ideal friendship.