Nars Lip Lacquer in Hot Wired Product Review

Many people admit that wearing a lipstick is one way to avoid negative thoughts. The vibrant color of a lipstick enhances one's look and provides a sense of beauty. In some cases, we feel that using a lip tint to enhance lipstick shade is more interesting.

The Nars Hot Wired Lip Lacquer is one of the makeup products that I have been planning to buy. Now that I have a jar of the Nars Hot Wired Lip Lacquer, I would like to share a short product review.

Here are the important features of the product.

It is a jelly textured raspberry pink lip tint.

It has vibrant and bright, iridescent fuchsia micro-shimmer quality.

I found two popular online reviews on Nars Lip Lacquer in Hot Wired. Basically, I agree with all the reviewers' points of view. I am sure beauty lovers would like to buy this product for a relaxed night out or an afternoon shopping spree. The moisturizing element of the product is very interesting.  


1. The product is a good moisturizer of your lips. I've tried using this gel to keep my lips moisturized while running errands with a friend. It's amazing.

2. The color is attractive. Obviously, Hot Wired is a popular hue. Although many beauty lovers like Baby Doll, I prefer this one for a hotter look.

3. The package is totally fabulous. It is remarkably chic to use a lip gel packed in a small jar. My friends love it, too.

4. It works well on its own, without a lipstick. But it is important to add more gel to allow the color to set in place. Well, I discovered that less gel means light pink color.

5. It lasts for a while because of its stickier consistency. The product is perfect for three-hour use without layering it on a lipstick. It is noticeably vibrant and shimmery.


The feeling of wearing the product is not good. It smells like wax. It also doesn't linger for long. No wonder it is better to wear it over a lipstick.

If you simply want a colorful lip lacquer packed in a gorgeous jar, don't hesitate to buy Nars Lip Lacquer in Hot Wired item. To have a pretty effect, layer it over a lipstick. If you wear it without layering on a lipstick, try to smudge more gel on your lips for a shimmery effect.

For shoppers, the product is available at Sephora for only $25. To read another review of the item, Temptalia offers useful product description and swatches.  

Do you like this product? Would you wear it? Let us know in the comments section below.