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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

We think it is fun to experiment on makeup, especially if we're planning to wear edgy outfits. Since celebrities are experts in showcasing gorgeous makeup for holiday dazzle, let us talk about our top three favorite looks based on the compilation shared by top glossy magazine, Seventeen, published in its online portal.

Liquid Metal Shadow of Kylie Jenner

This look is spectacular. It is a matte-finish creation with careful application of cream products. It allows the eyes to take center stage with amazing metallic shadow effect. The makeup look highlighted gold hues and emphasized Kylie Jenner's pretty face.

Glossy Berry Lips of Selena Gomez

With or without makeup, Selena Gomez is incredibly pretty. She has a lovely face and curly hair. By showcasing glossy berry lips, she instantly looked like a style queen. By adding more mascara to show off her captivating eyes, we know that the famed singer is fabulous. She has given us an inspiration in wearing dark shade lipstick.

Coral Lips by Jennifer Lawrence

 Seventeen Celebrity Holiday Makeup photos

America's sweetheart has shown an amazing look in this photo. Obviously, she is aware of the effect of less makeup and radiant lipstick color. To highlight a fresh-face look, use a little coral gloss and black mascara for an intriguing contrast. 



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